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Our new take on your old-school string friendship bracelets.

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Friendship Jewelry

Nothing says best friends like matching jewelry

Our Fortune Cookie String Bracelets are like a grown-up version of a friendship bracelet. Get one for yourself, too, to feel closer to her no matter where you are.



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String Friendship Bracelets for Her

The string bracelet collection is part of our signature fortune cookie line. Each fortune cookie is a nod to getting exactly the right message at exactly the right time. We especially love when those messages come to us through friends.

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Our string bracelets have gained popularity among female friends as dainty friendship bracelets. Women all over the world now celebrate their bonds with matching string friendship bracelets. Our bracelets are perfect for layering or a full-on arm party, too!

The History of Friendship String Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have been the symbol of friendships for decades. Matching string bracelets have been shared by friends of all ages and represent the bond between two women. Traditionally friendship bracelets are hand-crafted and gifted from one friend to another. Each friendship jewelry piece is uniquely made with vibrant colors and patterns that mean something different to each friend; a combination of favorite colors or patterns that complement each other.

What do Friendship Bracelets Symbolize?

Matching friendship bracelets worn by two or more women are designed to mark and honor friendship. For many, string bracelets, although small in size, honor the significant qualities and values that make a friendship special: time, commitment, listening, support and so much more. The meaning behind friendship bracelets can vary between friends. String friendship bracelets can be worn to honor significant moments and memories, or as a token of appreciation for friendship in general.

How to Wear a String Bracelet?

The idea behind string friendship bracelets is that friends wear the same - or similar - style of bracelet. String friendship bracelets are generally dainty pieces of jewelry. Friendship Bracelets can be worn on either arm - or on both if there are multiple friendship bracelets. In terms of styling, the wearer can stay true to her jewerly style and style them like any other dainty bracelet; as part of a stylish stack, alongside a complementary piece or solo.

Alternative Friendship Bracelets

What really matters when it comes to friendship bracelets is what they stand for; friendship. A friendship bracelet can be any type of bracelet that fits the meaning and messages between any pair - or group - of friends. Our alternative friendship bracelets are our Fortune Cookie String Bracelets that hold a dainty fortune cookie pendant. The fortune cookie is representative of how the right messages comes to us at the right time - and how often do the most important messages come through friends? Fortune cookie string bracelets are dainty in size, but deeply sentimental, making them the perfect adult friendship bracelet. With a range of colors and metals there’s a string bracelet to suit every woman. Within this collection we have black, emerald or pink string bracelets that can be worn as a stack together - or for groups of friends - each woman can choose the color that’s calling her the most. There’s also cream, charcoal and burgandy string bracelets with gold or silver fortune cookie pendants. Oh, and if the string bracelet isn’t quite providing the meaningful friendship bracelet you’re looking for, maybe meaningful bracelets that hold a message will be even better for you -- and your best friends.