Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts
By Fortune & Frame

We believe that the art of gift-giving is not only about finding the perfect gift, but making sure the thought behind it is apparent the moment she receives it. We've set out to help you master the gift and the thought with our curated collection of Valentine's Day jewelry, which brings together our most meaningful jewelry gifts with a personal sentiment.

All of the pieces in this collection recognize that your relationship and your story are unique, and let you honor that through the personalized messages they carry.

Our Valentine's necklaces and bracelets can be personalized with a love note that you can write yourself or choose from more than 500 sayings that will let you express what you want to say.

Our Heart + Arrow jewelry and fortune lockets are particularly popular gifts this time of year, though they're not simply special occasion jewelry. They can be worn all year long, as everyday jewelry or statement jewelry.

Add your own message or love note. She can then swap out the messages she wears as her story unfolds, transforming your Valentine's Day gift for her into a timeless keepsake. And if you're buying a gift for the woman who needs a reminder of how special she is, consider one of our engraved pendant necklaces, which feature empowering and inspiring quotes.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Love Notes

A thoughtful Valentine's Day gift shares something unique about the two of you. An inside joke, your favorite moment together or words that mean something to you as a couple. Pair our jewelry pieces with a note that you can personalize or be inspired by the loving words in our library:

With you,
I am home.

–  Unknown

I love you forever, not maybe.
You are my one true love.

–  Lana Del Ray

I'd choose you; in a hundred
lifetimes, in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I'd find you and I'd choose you.

–  Kiersten White

We are fortunate.
I am fortunate to
have found you.
Real love stories
never have endings.


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