On the left hand side, all the Secret Diary Book Locket charms are lined up, in the middle all of the Secret Scripture Locket charms are lined up, and on the right all of the Stardust Book Locket charms lined up in front of a brick wall Tips & Guides

Comparing Fortune & Frame Book Pieces

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On the left hand side, all the Secret Diary Book Locket charms are lined up, in the middle all of the Secret Scripture Locket charms are lined up, and on the right all of the Stardust Book Locket charms lined up in front of a brick wall

No two stories are the same. We are all unique individuals with different plotlines and characters. We are constantly starting new chapters and ending the ones that no longer serve us. All the significant events in your life come together to create the story of you. 

Your story is yours, but that doesn’t mean every chapter is the same. Some chapters are more emotional, while others are more carefree. No matter what chapter you’re currently in, your favorite words can help tell your story. Whether it’s a moment that you want to keep to yourself or one that you want to scream from the rooftops, our book jewelry can help honor your story. 

With so many different stories that need to be told, our book jewelry can represent any of them. Between our three different collections, you are sure to find a piece that speaks to your story. 

This post is all about what makes each collection special. The pieces in each collection all have their own touches, making them the perfect fit for any type of story. Get to know all the Fortune & Frame Books and decide which fits you best!


How will you decide to tell your story? Pictured Stardust Book Locket (Ivory), Secret Scriptures Locket (Trust), and Secret Diary Book Locket (Pearl)

Secret Diary Books

Our Secret Diary Books are all about keeping special words with you wherever you go. Inspired by vintage ornate storybooks, this piece was made to tell your story. Most importantly, it has a clasp in the front to keep your most meaningful words for your eyes only. But of course, you also have the option to let the words be down. With five different enamel colors to choose from (magenta, burgundy, black, emerald, black, and pearl), you can express your own story and style. 

Our Secret Diary Book Collection has both necklaces and bracelets. With the bracelets being available in magenta, pearl, and black, you can either mix or match! Each piece is also bold enough to wear alone, but also dainty enough to be styled with other jewelry.

The Secret Diary Locket is on a paper clip chain, while the Bracelet is on a chain link. The Book Locket on both pieces opens and closes just like an actual book. You can keep a customized fortune inside the locket that honors where you are. 

The Secret Diary Collection is all about words that you want to have only for yourself. Making these pieces suitable for a chapter filled with personal moments. Such as love letters or even a secret that you are currently keeping for yourself. The fortune inside can be changed at any time - it’s everchanging just like you’re own personal story. 


This collection is inspired by vintage ornate storybooks. Pictured Secret Diary Book Bracelet (Pearl, Magenta, and Black)

Stardust Books

Our Stardust Book Lockets are all about you being the star of your own story. No matter how many other people make appearances, it’s all about you. You decide when it’s time for the next chapter and the path that you want to follow. 

Embellished with either blush, black, ivory, or aquamarine and crystal enamel, this locket is a nod to the chapter you are currently in. It doesn’t matter if it’s the start, middle, or end of a chapter, you’re still able to hold on tight to the moment and keep it with you. 

The Stardust Book Locket only comes as a necklace, but matches well with any of your other pieces. It is easy to layer or match with other styles. This necklace is on a dainty chain and it too opens and closes just like a real book. It can hold any fortune you’d like, but as you change chapters, you can change fortunes. 

This piece is all about telling your individual stories that you want to share. Fill it with favorite song lyrics, book quotes, or catchphrases. Anything that captures where you are in this moment. 

You're the star of your own story. Pictured Stardust Book Locket (Aquamarine, Blush, Ivory, and Black)

Secret Scriptures Locket 

Our newest book jewelry is all about keeping the faith. No matter your faith, it’s important to keep it with you at all times. In fact, this collection is all about our customers. We were getting so many Secret Diary and Stardust Book Locket orders with scripture written on the fortunes. Because of this, we decided to make it a reality. And since faith never changes, we engraved the scriptures into the book so they’re a constant in your life. 

The Secret Scriptures Collection is filled with details that we have never tried before. We wanted to make these pieces more like a real book than ever, so we threw in some new features. On the front of the piece is our classic pearl enamel, along with gems. Not enamel gems, but actual gems. We wanted to make sure that this piece shined as bright as the stars and there was only one way to do it. 

Pages are major details of real books. In fact, they’re one of the biggest parts. This time around, we decided to give the piece defined pages. It looks more like a real book than ever before. Of course, this piece opens and closes too. When you open it up, there is a scripture relating to faith, peace, believe, seek, love, or trust. 

The back of this book contains an engraving of the verse on hammered metal. This adds to the elegance of the peace and careful attention to detail. 

This collection comes as both a locket and a bracelet, allowing you to take what you need most. even if it’s more than one pillar of faith. The necklace chain is dainty and minimalistic, even though the necklace has a big meaning. The bracelet is on a beaded chain, one we have never done before. It adds to the elegance while giving our iconic bracelets a new look. 

This collection is all about what you need faith in and serves as a reminder that faith is always with you. 


Keep your faith with you at all times. Pictured Secret Scriptures Bracelets (Love, Trust, and Peace)


No matter how you chose to tell your story, our book jewelry ensures that you will tell it correctly. Pick a piece that speaks to your story and hold the words that mean the most to you close by. Make all of your chapters count.

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