A girl in front of a brick wall wearing a layer stack that consists of a gold Polygon Lariat Locket, Key Necklace (Medium), and a gold Mini Fortune Cookie Locket Tips & Guides

Fall Story Stacks

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A girl in front of a brick wall wearing a layer stack that consists of a gold Polygon Lariat Locket, Key Necklace (Medium), and a gold Mini Fortune Cookie Locket

It’s finally fall! The weather is finally cooling down and we’re layering up! Sweaters, hoodies, jeans, beanies - all of it! The fall is a time to embrace your story channeling a new season of you. Creating a fall necklace stack is a great way to celebrate the season and express who you are. If you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right place. Using our silver and gold pieces, I created two meaningful stacks that I am falling for!

My Gold Stack

Gold is one of my favorite colors to wear during the fall. It’s a warm color that blends with the fall scenery but doesn’t clash with your favorite scarves and sweaters. If you're wearing whites and beiges, it can also add some color, while remaining delicate. The stack I created for gold pieces is all about tapping into your fortune and welcoming what is meant for you.

Layer One

In this stack, our Polygon Lariat Locket is the first piece. You can adjust this piece to fall as a lariat necklace or a pendant - however you decide to tell your story. The locket twists open revealing the words that matter most to you. This makes the perfect centerpiece for your stack and is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.


Keep the words that matter most to you in your centerpiece. Pictured Polygon Lariat Locket - Gold

Layer Two

The Medium Key Necklace is about unlocking the doors between you and your good fortune. As the second piece in the stack, it stands between your meaningful words and good fortune. This piece gives you the confidence to knock down all barriers. No matter what tries to come in between you and your goals this season, you'll be able to walk right through. In addition, the key will make sure that you are unlocking all the right doors. Only the ones that. are meant for you.


Unlock all the doors that stand between you and your goals. Pictured                 Key Necklace (Medium)

Layer Three

The Super Mini Fortune Cookie Necklace is symbolic of your good fortune. It is the third and final piece in the stack because that is your last step. After finding the words that guide you and unlocking doors, your good fortune is within reach.


Get ready to find your good fortune this fall. Pictured Super Mini Fortune Cookie Necklace - Gold

Each piece in this stack tells a part of your story and can be unique to each person. We all have different motivating words and goals.  Let this stack guide where you want to go this fall and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

My Silver Stack

Silver is another great color to wear during the fall. It goes well with layers of clothes and is reflective of the cool weather. It can also be either dressed up or dressed down - whatever works best for you. My silver stack for the fall is all about following your heart.

Layer One

This stack's first piece, right at the center, is a Heart + Arrow locket. This symbolizes the words that come from your heart. They may be the words that guide you or even words that feel right to you. No matter what they are or where they come from, these words ground you and ensure that you take the right path.

Symbolize the words that come from your heart with this locket. Pictured Heart + Arrow Locket - Silver

Layer Two

The second piece in this stack is a Letter Necklace. Although you can pick any letter, I chose "A," to represent my first initial. This is to emphasize the importance of YOU. Your name is something that makes you who you are. Although, if you want to follow this stack and use another letter, go ahead! A letter other than your first initial may speak to you. It could be the initial of someone who means a lot to you or your favorite color. It's your own narrative.


Let a meaningful letter tell part of your story. Pictured Letter "A" Necklace - Silver

Layer Three

The last piece is a "Trust Yourself” Engraved Bar Pendant. This pendant is a reminder that your gut feeling is always right. You should always trust the hunch that you get and never second-guess yourself. Your choices make up your personal anecdote, so don’t leave them out of your stack. Every choice you make is another chapter in your story. Trust the choices that your gut is telling you to make.


Always trust your gut instincts - you know the right path. Pictured Engraved Bar Pendant: "Trust Yourself" - Silver

This silver stack channels your current self, while also making room for a "new" you. The words in your heart may stay the same, but you are always making choices. Even if the choice your gut is telling you to make seems daunting, you're listening to yourself. Scary does not always equal wrong.

Creating a stack that tells your story is a great way to welcome the new season and follow trends. Personalized jewelry is a great conversation starter. No matter the piece, you are able to open up about its significance. Each stack will tell a different story, even if it’s composed of all the same pieces.

As far as stacks go, these are only two endless possibilities you can create for the fall. Chose your favorite pieces – even try to mix and match – and let who you are shine through.

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