Why I Wear

"You have always been so much more than a nagging wife..."

Why I Wear

One of the most heartwarming Christmas stories we didn't even know we were a part of.

Just before Christmas last year, a customer placed an order with a personalized fortune that read: 
“You have always been so much more than a nagging wife and you have so much more than 3 ungrateful children.”

We receive thousands of fortunes each year but this one stuck out to me. I remember thinking it must be from a sassy mom trying to keep her cool.

I was wrong.

Three days after Christmas, we were surprised to see a note from the customer, Melanie Gilmer, in our inbox with some more background about her fortune:

I’m not sure who will be reading this message, but thank you for your product! I recently received the medium fortune cookie locket and it did not disappoint!

Each year my family does “Family Christmas Chinese Dinner.” It’s not actually on Christmas day, but people laugh because it reminds them of the movie A Christmas Story.

When my siblings and I were kids, our parents would take us to see Santa. And after, we would have dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.
My Dad’s fortune magically said the same thing each year. He would jokingly read, “You have a nagging wife and 3 ungrateful children.” 
My father passed away several years ago and my siblings and I are now grown with children of our own. Since my father died, the reading of the fortunes has been bittersweet.
This year, our group of 11 watched as my mother read her fortune several times in disbelief. (I had replaced the original fortune in the cookie with the one I got from you and resealed the wrapper).
It read, “You have always been so much more than a nagging wife and you have so much more than 3 ungrateful children.”
She then looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked how I got that fortune in the cookie. I smiled and handed her y’all’s beautiful box with the fortune cookie locket, and told her she needed somewhere close to her heart to keep that fortune.
This year marked our 35th Family Christmas Chinese Dinner. Thank you for helping make it even more special!

We receive fortunes that run the gamut—from romantic and sentimental to humorous and cryptic—and we're often curious about the backstories behind them.

Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to hear them.

Thank you, Melanie, for sharing this and letting us share it with others.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Gretel Going

Gretel Going is the designer and founder of Fortune & Frame. Here she shares her inspiration for the line, thoughts about life, the meaning behind the fortunes, and our process for bringing the pieces to life.