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How to Create a Meaningful Corporate Gift

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Silver Polygon Lariat Locket, Silver Love Letter Envelope Locket, and Silver Read Between The Lines Fortune Locket in a line, laying on top of Fortune & Frame tissue paper

Coming up with meaningful corporate gift ideas may not be as easy as you originally thought. Gifts may be easy to come by, but making sure that they’re meaningful is the hard part. Meaningful gifts are well thought out and have a form of personalization. Making sure that you are gifting meaningfully, isn’t just giving everyone the same bottle of wine. You have to take into consideration what your employees like, who they are, and how you can make each gift a little bit different for each person. 

If you want to create a meaningful corporate gift, you’re in the right place. This blog is filled with five tips that will make sure your corporate gifts are meaningful. You can follow them exactly or use them as inspiration - whatever helps you come up with the perfect corporate gifting idea!

Meaningful corporate gifts are very important to employees. Pictured Stardust Book Locket (Blush)

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Make it Personal

Coming up with a meaningful gift is a process and will be different for each company. After all, it's all about your employees and who they are as individuals. This is why personalized gifts are a great idea. Receiving a personalized gift is a sign that whoever gave the gift put time and thought into it. Personalization is the perfect corporate gifting idea. You only have to find one or two different items, but can make them unique for each employee.

Getting a personalized gift is easier than you think. There are so many different objects that allow for personalization. You can aim for a personalized bottle of wine or a personalized piece of jewelry, your options are almost endless.  My personal favorite is a Secret Diary Book Locket. With this locket, you can customize the fortune that goes inside. You can add a favorite quote or a milestone for each employee.

Personalized gifts are currently a popular gifting trend. they have the ability to show a personal connection and fit into any situation. These kinds of gifts are meaningful and show that you put thought into the gift. When thinking of corporate gift ideas, there's one thing to keep in mind. It is very important to distinguish each employee and make them feel like an individual.

Start Planning Early

PhotoPlanning early is helpful when it comes to meaningful corporate gift ideas!

When it comes to corporate gift-giving, it’s never too early to start planning. When you plan early, you have time to figure out what you want exactly and where to get it. You also have more time to plan how you want to personalize the gift and develop more creative ideas.

When you plan early, you have the time to shop around and see what gift would match your employees best. If you have ample time and realize that it may be better to get different gifts for different employees, you can make this happen. 

Planning early also allows you to make sure the gift is as meaningful as possible. You can put much more thought into a well-planned gift, as opposed to one thought of the week before. You can take the extra time you have to figure out important dates or events that you may want to incorporate into a personalized gift. Depending on the gift, you may even have to gather extra materials - such as pictures. Make sure you don't wait until the last minute!

Add a Thoughtful Note

Gifts aren’t all about physical items. In fact, most meaningful gifts include thoughtful notes. This can be either handwritten or typed, but handwritten notes are always more meaningful. A thoughtful note will elevate the gift and bring more meaning. 

When writing a thoughtful note, there are many different ways to make them meaningful. The first thing is to make sure each employee gets their own note. You want to make sure that you address each note to a specific employee. A general “copy and paste” note is quickly dismissed. If nothing pertains to a person, they will skin over the note and recognize it's a general one. Make sure that you are writing individual notes to each employee. Even if your note is shorter but has personalized moments and achievements, it will be much better received. 

What you write in the note is as important as the gift itself. Notes are usually opened before the gifts, so it’s important to make a good impression through them. 

Visual Appeal is Important

PhotoA big part of a visually appealing gift is how it is presented. Pictured Sacred Heart Pendant

When planning corporate gifts, you want to make sure the gift is visually appealing. A corporate gift should be something that is nice to look at. It doesn’t matter how expensive the gift is or where you purchased it from. The appearance of the gift is what matters. It should look well put together. This ranges from the actual gift itself to how it is wrapped and presented. 

When considering visual appeal, there are many ways that you can add to it. You can pick out gifts that incorporate an employee’s favorite color or make sure that it gets wrapped nicely. Many online stores offer pre-wrapped packaging, making it easy on you! If wrapping isn't your forte, you can also buy pre-wrapped packaging from sites such as Etsy. With this kind of packaging, there will be no hassle when it comes to getting your gift ready.  

Visual appeal may seem daunting, but it comes down to the small details. You don’t have to go all out in order for a gift to look nice. It is all about making sure that you organize everything and that it looks appealing to the eye.

Taking the visual appeal of the gift into consideration is a meaningful gesture. When everything looks neat, it is an indicator that thought was put into the gift.

Make it Fun

Corporate gifts don’t have to be completely "sophisticated." You should make them fun and interesting. This can be adding a touch of color or tasteful humor. It all depends on who you are gifting to. Take their personality into account and what they find humorous or fun. This can also be a way of personalization for some! If you are gifting a Fortune Locket, you can write something fun on the fortune that goes inside the locket.

No one wants to receive a boring gift. Sure gift cards are great, but come up with a corporate gifting idea that is fun to open a show-off. Make the gift something that your employee wants to have on display.  Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or branded drinkware, let it tell a story. Getting a gift should be a fun experience - make sure you do so for your employees!

Fun gifts are meaningful because they add personality and can be a conversation starter.


Overall, corporate gifts should be meaningful. A meaningful gift shows true appreciation and gratitude for all that your employees do. Gifts that are well thought out and planned are some of the best ways to show how much your employees mean to you. Without them, the company wouldn't be where they are today!

There are so many different meaningful gifts that you can use to up your corporate gifting game!  Take some time to start planning and find different ways to make your gift stand out. A meaningful gift goes a long way.

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