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How to Write A Sentimental Bridesmaid Proposal Letter

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Glasses, blush Fortune Cookie Ring, a piece of paper, and a pen laid out

As young girls, we often write and rewrite the fairytale of our big day. We dream of cake, confetti, wonderment, and, of course, the dress. A wedding not only signifies one of the greatest moments of our life, but it also celebrates the magic of love. It brings strengthens the bonds we hold with our partner, friends, and family.

For a bride, the most treasured aspect of planning a wedding is choosing the friends that will stand by her side. Bridesmaids share our cheer and excitement, but they also ensure our day is a fairytale. They also bear the responsibilities of constructing plans and solidifying all details. These women are the cornerstone of our big day. Finding the words to ask them to share these moments is a special rite of passage.

Before we talk about letter proposals, let us talk about bridal party roles.

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How Many People Are in A Typical Bridal Party?

The average amount of bridesmaids is between three to five and then there is one Maid of Honor. The amount of bridesmaids depends on how big your wedding is and your own preference. Bigger weddings usually have a bigger bridal party, but this is all up to you. If you want to have only a Maid of Honor, you can. If you want to ask ten of your besties to stand by your side and be your bridesmaid - that's totally acceptable! Even if you're stuck between two people to pick for the MOH role, you can have two.

Don't let the average amount or the amount your friend had in her bridal party be what determines yours. It's your day!

The Differences Between the Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor

The difference between the two is that the Maid of Honor is the bride's personal assistant. The MOH is the one who does all the planning and is even in charge of the bridesmaids. The MOH has many different roles leading up to the wedding and during the wedding. Some of her responsibilities are...

  • Planning the bachelorette party
  • Planning the bridal shower
  • Holding the bride’s bouquet during the wedding ceremony
  • Giving a speech during the reception

While the bridesmaids are still crucial to a wedding party, the MOH holds it all together. She makes sure that everything goes according to plan and runs smoothly.

Being the MOH is not an easy job. This is why the bride picks the female sister or friend that she has the strongest relationship with. Being the MOH is a huge compliment.

Why Are Bridesmaids an Important Part of the Wedding Party?

A bridesmaid is still an important role and one that comes with its own job description. They do help the MOH fulfill her duties, but they still have their own responsibilities. Some of these tasks are:

  • Attending pre-wedding activities
  • Offering words of encouragement
  • Picking up arrangements or other wedding details
  • Notifying family and friends of plans
  • Being a model wedding guest

For bridesmaids, the bride often chooses close friends and family members. This is the group she wants by her side no matter what happens.

What Is A Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid Proposal Letter?


Writing a proposal letter is one of the most meaningful ways to ask someone to be your Maid of Honor or bridesmaid. Pictured Ivory Deco Heart Signet Ring

Now it's time to get to the proposal letter. If you find yourself asking what a maid of honor or bridesmaid proposal letter is, you are in the right place. A maid of honor or bridesmaid proposal letter is a letter given to the future bridal party by the soon-to-be bride. It is a way to ask those closest to you to be a part of your special day. A letter is meaningful and something that the recipient will always cherish. The letter is full of meaningful words and memories that add to the emotion of the proposal.  After all, will you be my bridesmaid, scribbled on a slip of paper doesn’t always bring meaning or value to the role. Below you’ll find some tips on crafting the perfect proposal.

What To Think About or Include In Your Letter

There is no set method for writing and delivering your bridesmaid proposal letter. The sky is the limit. You can include whatever you think fits your relationship with the MOH or bridesmaid best. If you're feeling a bit stuck when it comes to writing, there are a few questions you can ask yourself. Your answers should get your creativity flowing.

Here’s a list of things you can include in your letters:

  • What do they mean to you?
  • How or why do they hold a special place in your heart? 
  • What are you feeling about your wedding?
  • What are your most treasured memories with them?
  • What would you like for them to help you with as you begin piecing together your special day?

Writing A Sentimental Proposal Letter For A Bridesmaid

Planning a wedding is a busy season for couples. There are Endless choices, opinions, and ideas that can cloud the allure in the time leading up to the big day. Writing a simple letter to honor a bride’s most treasured friendships can help serve as a reminder of why a wedding goes beyond I do.  

A sentimental letter is a perfect way to ask your bridesmaid and MOH to be a part of such a special day. A letter says more (literally). than gifts ever can. Whether you handwrite it or type it, it is still filled with love and appreciation.

Bridesmaid Proposal Letter Examples

Feeling stuck? Let these examples and tips help guide you.

Starting Your Letter

Speak from the heart. Keeping a letter simple might mean building on memories that you share with your friend. Express how much they mean to you and why you’d love for them to stand by you on your big day. Don’t overthink your delivery. Instead, focus on what’s most important to you. Express your happiness, gratitude, and the journey ahead. Also, add details on how they would be a major contribution to your grand celebration.

Formal Proposals 

Looking to go more formal? Try one of these:


A formal letter is never a bad idea.

Funny Proposals 

If you want to try your angle at subtle humor, maybe try:


Match your bestie's sense of humor.

Sentimental Proposals 

Want to leave your bestie in tears? Here's an example:


Make your proposal extra meaningful.

Should You Handwrite Your Bridesmaid Proposal?

Never underestimate the unique beauty of penmanship. In a time where everything is digital, it's nice to receive something handwritten. It's thoughtful and takes time.

While texting and dming may take no time, handwriting a message does. But this is what makes it so special. The time that you put into a handwritten letter is a significant gesture.  Here are some tips when it comes to handwriting a proposal letter.

Things to Think About When Handwriting the Letter

To write a sentimental proposal letter, you need to put lots of thought into it. You shouldn't write it on a sheet of printer paper and have scribbled out words all over. It should be well planned and executed for such a memorable moment. A handwritten letter will be something that your MOH and bridesmaids will want to keep. It's important that it looks and reads the best it can. Make this letter as special as your bridal party by keeping these things in mind:

Think About The Paper

Put some thought into the paper selection. There are many options including:

  • Archival paper
  • Card stock
  • Sketch paper

Each has its own application and benefits. Doing some research ahead of time can help you select the one that speaks most to you. Investing in good stationery can give you the best quality for your letters. Bridal magazines and wedding tips will say to choose between ivory, white, cream, and light-colored papers. 

You will always want to make sure that you have the correct writing material. Whether you use a pen or marker will depend on what works best with the type of paper you choose. Also, think about ink color and make sure that it matches with the color of the paper. Coordinating is key!

Write A Rough Draft (or Two) First


There's nothing wrong with a rough draft or two!

Practice makes perfect! Chances are that the first time you write this letter down on paper, it won’t be exactly what you want it to say. You may want to add more in, change your wording, or cut down on the length. 

Your first rough draft is perfect to write it all out. You can then go through and see what you want to change and if there’s anything different you want to include. A second draft isn’t a bad idea either. Before you write it on nice paper, make sure that you know what you want to say. You can write as many drafts as you need, it’ll ensure that the letter is exactly what you want it to be.

Get A Family or Friend to Proofread it

There’s nothing wrong with having another pair of eyes check over your writing. Sometimes you don’t see your mistakes and it’s better to have someone who isn’t the one receiving the letter let you know. Have a family member or a friend (who isn’t the intended recipient) proofread the letter. This is the best way to avoid any handwritten typos. Show them your final draft and have them make sure that you are using proper grammar and spelling. 

Using your family and friends as proofreaders gives you honest feedback. It also guarantees that the proposal is in tip-top shape.

Including A Special Gift With Your Letter


A personalized piece of jewelry is a great addition to your proposal.

No matter how you decide to propose to your Bridesmaid, including a gift always adds to the sentiment. There are many gifts that can remind your friends how important they are to you and your wedding day.

One idea is a personalized piece of jewelry. It can help you deliver a heartfelt message that links to your personalized letter. Choose from inspirational engraved bracelets or match the theme with a letter envelope locket. Use them to create a keepsake that your Bridesmaid can adorn and celebrate for years to come.

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