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Reveal Your Fortune: How To Manifest

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Our Medium Fortune Cookie Locket laid out over a journal alongside a Fortune & Frame pen.

What we choose to focus on is what we ultimately draw into our life. If you’re like me, though, overthinking the details is a fact. Millions of thoughts – both bad and good – can consume any given day. It’s easier to allow negative thoughts to creep in and take hold. I’ve come to see that focusing on positivity is a super human quality. Can you train your mind to block out the noise to feed assurance and confidence? I often wonder. Articles, guides, and manifestation gurus will suggest that in order to manifest your best life, write it down. 

Truth is, learning the practice of how to manifest your best life can help us embody a more meaningful reality. Let’s try this together. Document your goals on a corner of a napkin or in a prized journal. Carve it out with lipstick on your bathroom mirror, or consider writing it and storing it in your very own personalized fortune cookie. We're exploring the best method for celebrating dreams manifested.


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Participate In The Creation Of Your Future & Dream Life

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that expresses how positive thoughts bring positive results. 

I’ll set the scene for context: it was a Saturday walk in the park, and my 15-year-old eyes were affixed to a decorative, flowing fountain. As a kid, I remember clutching a coin in hand, hoping for the best outcome. At the time, my goal was as clear as that Spring day: make the all-state music orchestra. My dad walked alongside me, coaching me to visualize the results. Take a breath, he’d said. Make a wish. 

That year I did make all-state. I remember thinking, did I will my fate into existence?

Many of us practice various forms of manifestation, whether we do it consciously or not. For a coin fountain, the loose change figuratively represents the totality of everyone who tossed their change, along with their hopes, dreams, and prayers. 

Participating in the creation of your future means being intentional about your focus. Speaking goals aloud can make them feel more realistic, for example. Writing them down, on the other hand, makes them concrete. The idea here is that you can begin to manifest your best life by molding it into form. Written words speak truth.


Writing down your life goals is the best way to solidify them and make them happen!

Scarcity Mindset vs Abundance Mindset

A major step in embodying your greatest goals is to understand the challenges created by a scarcity mindset. If the mind holds the power to create a better reality, conversely, it also holds the power to keep you from pursuing your greatest hopes.  

A scarcity mindset might look like this:

  • “I have reached the limit of what I can achieve.”
  • “I have all the answers.”
  • “I can’t afford to do X.”
  • “There’s not enough to go around.”
  • “Everyone else is already doing it, so why even try?”

Changing these statements toward an abundance mindset can help you gain clarity on the power and practice of manifestation. 

An abundance mindset might, instead, look like this:

  • “The sky’s the limit and I’m in the driver’s seat.”
  • “New opportunities arise every day.”
  • “Can I afford not to? My dream is non-negotiable.”
  • “Show up and earn it. It will always work out.”
  • “The success of others is proof that achievement is possible.”

Mindset is a critical component of shaping your lived reality, whether your focus is business, personal, sports, financial freedom, relationships, or general achievements. The destination is half the equation. The other half is making a plan to take action, and a plan requires a roadmap. 


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What Can I Manifest?

In my research, here’s what I learned. The beauty of manifestation is this: you have no limitations. Practice manifesting to attract a successful career or business, better health, and recovery, a more honest relationship, or even material objects. The skies are the limit, friends, so let's embrace it as a super power. Willing your needs and life goals into existence is truly remarkable and a journey that can transform how you interact with your world around you.

Your roadmap to success begins in written form. If you believe in the power of creation, ask yourself how you want to progress. Create the recipe of your life.

Mindset can generally shift focus from overcoming seemingly impossibilities to make hope and dreams a reality. Consider approaching goals and ideas with a more positive outlook. A few ways to accomplish this can include:

  1. Focusing on what you already have and practicing gratitude.
  2. Surround yourself with people who generally have a positive outlook. 
  3. Staying loud about your aspirations and intentions. Believe in yourself enough to achieve impossibilities.
  4. Creating win-win situations where everyone gets ahead. 
  5. Sharing your desires with people who celebrate your achievements. 

Manifestation means willing your aspirations into existence. Like words found in a fortune cookie, messages can yield a power to help us overcome hardships, missteps, and self-doubt. Along with it, the power of positive thought can also have life-changing effects. It can help unlock purpose and success.

You can manifest even your wildest goals just by writing them down and holding them in our enamel Fortune Cookie Locket will help to remind you of your aspirations.


Tips on Learning How To Manifest Your Best Life

Whether you’re rediscovering a forgotten aspiration, reinforcing your commitment to a well-established goal, or seeking a new source of fulfillment, exploring the practice of manifestation can be an incredible tool.

Your thoughts convert to words, which ultimately trigger action. Like the fortune cookie we alluded to, there’s something special about opening up a secret message. Imagine the possibilities when the author of such a fortune is actually you

Get exactly the right message at exactly the right time.  


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What Would You Write In Your Fortune?

If you knew you could achieve anything, what message would you send to yourself? The mind is a vital part of your body and intuition is its source code. Not only is it powerful, but it has control over the rest of your body. In this way, it has the ability to create good in your life.  

I use the process of writing my own fortune to help me realize my deepest callings and the actions needed to make them a reality. When a thought is created in the mind, it is inspired by what's happening in the world around you. Finding moment to celebrate what's positive can help reshape how and why you live.   

Practice by writing your own fortune. I'll walk you through the process.

First, identify a simple goal: Sit quietly and think about what you’d like your life to look and feel like in the future. Imagine yourself a year from now, then fast forward another five years. Skip ahead. Be specific. 

At the one-year mark, consider your future. Write it down as if you’re already standing in those shoes (hopefully in the stylish kicks you've been scoping out). Here are some of the most treasured examples of my one-year memories:

  • Remember where you were last year? Now, look how far you’ve come.
  • Success surrounds you because you created it.
  • Today, you achieved all that you set out to do. 
  • More money in the bank was never a bad thought. 
  • Your business is growing and what they said you wouldn't do, you did!
  • You created and earned every piece of this. Celebrate big! 

Second, consider how to achieve your heart’s desire: Is there a belief that is stopping you from achieving what you want? It takes time to understand our process for taking action and how to eliminate negativity. Give yourself time to reshape and restructure your belief systems. We are all humans with different ideas and aspirations, making the pathway to the end destination different for all of us.

Write down the reasons, people, or thoughts that tend to hold you back. Define what elements and triggers these hold in common. While it's difficult, it's important that you consider how negativity can actually keep you from the things you most desire in the world. The hardest work you'll do is eliminating these barriers from your journey. 

Consider taking small steps forward.

Third, reflect on your progress regularly: some people love a good checklist in a phone or tablet. I like to keep things old school with a post-it and stick it somewhere on my computer or desk. Remember, progress is incremental. I don’t write down the ultimate goal. Instead, I factor in my weekly progress and next steps. Every Sunday, the post-it gets changed out depending on how slow or quickly I’m moving toward my goal.  

Fourth, be okay taking the non-linear path: even as you begin to manifest your greatest desires, nothing unfolds linearly. It’s important to consider the natural ebb and flow of everyday living. Give yourself space for setbacks and detours. Create space for a positive mindset that can help you understand that even through challenges, we can still achieve our greatest fortunes.

Set Your Intention, Ask For What You Want – Then Write it Down

At some point in our lives, we all struggle. Absorbing the lessons learned from experience and creating positive outlooks can help transform how we choose to move forward. Little by little, I often say.

Fearlessly setting and conquering your greatest purpose is a life goal. Whether you write your own fortune or not, remember that luck has very little to do with it. In order manifest your greatest life, first and foremost, it begins with you being intentional and taking action. Are you ready to create your best life? 

Manifest your best life by writing it down. There’s no better time to start.

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Sonya Gonzales