Jewelry pieces with plastic crystals, fortunes and a red ribbon over an orange background. Tips & Guides

Zodiac Jewelry Essentials: The Leo Collection

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Jewelry pieces with plastic crystals, fortunes and a red ribbon over an orange background.

Calling all the Leo’s! The sun is entering into your sign from July 23rd-August 22nd, and this season is all about you. No, like actually…all about you. Leo is ruled by the sun and well… it is the center of everything. So this month, everything actually does kind of revolve around you. Now is the perfect time to amp up your style and feel connected to your zodiac roots when accessorizing. You trendsetters know exactly how to balance your accessories between big bold pieces like you, and more sleek and polished finishes. We have curated specifically just for you the perfect jewelry essentials you will need as we enter into Leo season. You lions are bold, loyal, compassionate, determined, and have a huge personality - so of course the set we curated is the perfect mix between luxurious but still bold. Matching your jewelry to you and your zodiac will make you the center of attention during your month of prosperiety. Wear and utilize colors that magnify your energy to truly step into your magic. You Leo’s look good and attract more good when wearing reds, yellows and oranges. That's exactly why this Leo collection features all gold pieces, with accents of red and yellow sprinkled in. We truly want you to not only feel special this season, but look special too.

Because You Have a Heart of Gold...

You lions are fearless and loyal, and your loved ones mean more than anything to you. By doing whatever you can to help those you love, your big heart is why Leo’s are referred to as ‘having a heart of gold’. Well… this Leo season you can do just that! Literally. Flaunting off a gold heart necklace is the perfect way to truly embody this compassionate and warm zodiac. Leos are not only compassionate with gigantic hearts, but are also extremely romantic. While Leo loves to be in love, they also attract love and the things that bring pleasure to the heart. With our Jeweled Heart Locket, you can put a sweet message inside to continue to bring some love your way. What’s even better? This red, magenta and gold piece are the colors that make you shine most! A warm color palette is just what you need and compliments Leos best when unleashing your inner style. This locket just so happens to be finished off with amethyst and your birthstone, ruby! Leo, we're not kidding when we say this piece was actually MADE for you. What better piece than this to kick off your personalized zodiac jewelry collection?


Because you have a heart of gold, we recommend our Jeweled Heart Locket, but make no mistake only the special ones are allowed inside of a Leo's heart.


Because You're Charming...

It’s no surprise here that a fixed fire sign has a big personality, which just so happens to be one of Leo's strongest and best traits. These bubbly and warm go-getters have a way with their words and have a strong presence. You’re captivating! Talkative and a lighthearted social butterfly, it’s hard not to fall in love with a Leo. Everyone has been charmed and swept off their feet by a Leo at one point or another. Your flirtatious personality certainly helps with your love life. What better way to show how charming (and lovable) you are then with a pair of hoop charms! Our Jeweled Heart Earrings are perfect to tap in and represent your charming and captivating personality anywhere you go. Leo’s are all about hopping on trends (and starting them), and there is no better way than this piece to show off your style. Just like you, these mismatched earrings are so ‘in’ and mesmerizing. You can wear these earrings regularly or as a stack, and the look is just as daring as you. Finished off with enamel detailing of your birthstone ruby, our Jeweled Heart Earrings match Leo's personality and style perfectly. 


Captivate everyone even more with these Jeweled Heart Earrings, nobody will be able to resist your charm.


Because You're Memorable...

Leo’s are kind of hard to forget. The passionate and charming zodiac can make you feel like you're the only person in the world. The popular, natural-born leader makes a standing impression with their loud personality. Whether they’re your boss, friend, or partner; a Leo makes an impact on others and those they decide to surround themselves with. What better way to represent the lasting impact you've made, and will continue to make, than with our Capsule + Wand Bracelet. A time capsule represents things and memories we will always remember and don’t want to forget; something close to our hearts. They’re special, and just like a time capsule… you are special, and people can’t seem to ever forget about you even when you’re gone. As a sign that has been personally voted by astrologers as one of the hardest to forget; this capsule is perfect, representing your lasting effect. 


Such a memorable personality deserves their own little time capsule with our Capsule + Wand Bracelet.


Because You're Lucky...

Leo is ruled by the sun, resting in the first house of self. So that means Leo feels at home when belonging to someone's sun sign. The sun in tarot also represents the zodiac sign Leo, and the card promises good results. Throughout your life, you will have a smooth and lucky ride. While Leos may be a good luck charm because of their warm and inviting nature, are natural born leaders, or because they are loyal friends - a Leos luck comes from its ruling planets and elements. This Leo season, you’ll need something to remind you of your fortune and attract good luck. What's better than the ULTIMATE symbol of good fortune… a fortune cookie! You lucky lions achieve great accomplishments in your social, love and work life. Good luck and manifestations have definitely helped you down that road! Our Yellow Fortune Cookie Ring is sleek and luxurious just like you. Plus, yellow looks too good on you guys. Wear this ring as a good luck charm and tap into your energy this season - bringing fortune anywhere you go. Hop on some of the latest colorful trends to finish off an all gold jewelry essential set that every charismatic and stylish Leo needs.


Carry good fortune everywhere you go with our Fortune Cookie Ring, plus it's such a good color on you .


Heart charms and gold  jewelry are Leo's best friends. What better way to show off your style and represent your zodiac sign than wearing symbols that embody who you are and your beliefs. This month your charm, luck, and fierceness will be amplified. We curated this all gold, glamorous yet simple set just for you. From your birthstone, color, metal, and your symbols; with this set you will attract attention everywhere you go (more than you already do!) 




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