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Our unique gold earrings are thoughtful alternatives to your everyday pearls and diamonds.

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Unique Gold Earrings for Women

Personal style matters. It’s how we outwardly express ourselves. For the most style-conscious the clothes we wear and the jewelry we choose to matters - even a jewely piece as dainty as earrings are part of the bigger picture of what makes you, you.

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Are Gold Earrings a Good Gift?

Yes! Gold earrings make great gifts for women. Unique, meaningful earrings are especially good gifts as they can be used as a symbol or token of something more meaningful that bonds the two of you. With both huggie and stud styles available, you are sure to find the perfect gift for any of the women in your life. Our dangly fortune cookie earrings, for example, are a wearable nod to getting exactly the right message at exactly the right time. Heart Earrings on the other hand, will always stand for love and appreciation. Remember, the earrings you choose for yourself or for the woman in your life will depend on her personal earring style. Within this collection there are a range of earring types and symbols.

Type of Gold Earrings: How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Choosing the perfect pair of gold earrings requires you to know the style you’re looking for - either for yourself of the woman you’re buying a gift for. The easiest way to choose a pair of gold earrings is to first know all the different types of earrings, then consider when they might be worn. Earrings can be selected and styled based on the occasion, the outfit they’re styled with or even the mood of the woman wearing them.

Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are small gold hoop earrings. These little gold hoops delicately hug the ear lobe and the charm falls below the lobe and stylishly dangles and moves as you do. Each dangling charm represents a significant moment or mood and will mean something to the wearer. Our dangling sacred heart earrings embody the greatest emotion of all, love and our Fortune Cookie Charm Earrings are here to remind us of the importance of getting the right messages at the right time. Our mini gold versions of each charm earring will be delicate, but just as meaningful as their larger counterparts. The smaller gold hoops still send just as much as a statement, too. For a pair of huggie earrings that are adorned with gemstones, there’s the jeweled heart earrings .

Stud Earrings

Our Fortune Cookie Stud Earrings are part of our signature Fortune Cookie jewelry collection. These earrings are your alternative to delicate diamonds or pearls. They’re as cute as they are meaningful.

Tips for Choosing Gold Earrings

When it comes to choosing gold earrings, the main thing to consider is whether or not you love them! Your earrings should be an outward expression of you. You want to feel your best self everytime you wear them. There are some other factors to think about, for example, the shape of your earlobes and how you want the earrings to sit. Also, how many piercings you have and therefore how you might style gold earrings together. For example, you can stylishly wear mismatched earrings with one large earring in one ear and the smaller counterpart in the other, or each pair of mismatched earrings in one. For mismatched earrings take a look at mismatched sacred heart earrings, mismatched key earrings, mismatched wishbone earrings, mismatched heart + arrow earrings and the mismatched mending heart + bandaid earrings.

What does a key on an earring mean?

Key jewelry is generally representative of opportunity. Keys can be traditionally gifted as a ‘coming of age’ gift, often bought as a 21st birthday gift. We take a slightly different meaning from key jewelry. We believe the key is a symbol that represents letting go and the doors that will open when you do.

Meaningful Earrings

Every pair of earrings probably means something to you; a reminder of the person who bought them for you; the mood you felt when you selected them; or maybe something deeper; an external representation of a moment, life milestone or mood.

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What do gold wishbone earrings symbolize?

The meaning behind the wishbone has a long history and is well-known as a symbol of good luck. The wishbone is traditionally snapped as a wish is made. We see wishbone jewelry as a symbol of making a wish for the things you want, then working hard to make them happen.

What is the meaning of heart earrings?

It’s no secret that the heart is the universal symbol for love. What makes heart jewelry so special is how each jewelry piece can represent different types of love; romantic, family, or even a love between friends. Heart jewelry can be gifted to friends, sisters, moms or even romantically. The heart is a common jewelry gift for anniversaries or as a Valentines jewelry gift. The heart is a powerful symbol of all types of love: romantic, platonic, new or everlasting. There’s no limit to the meaning behind the heart as it lends itself so wonderfully to all types of love.