Fortune & Frame Sacred Heart gold mismatched earrings on a paper background with script handwriting. Tips & Guides

How to Wear Mismatched Earrings in 2022

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Fortune & Frame Sacred Heart gold mismatched earrings on a paper background with script handwriting.

Imperfection is always more interesting than perfection. You probably know already, but in every book, movie, or song, there’s a conflict that calls for attention. It’s what makes it a story. Well, a similar concept goes for mismatched earrings. 

Although identical twin earrings can still carry stories, mismatched pairs can call for more obvious ones. They might strike up a conversation. People might quietly wonder if you put them on intentionally or by accident.

Whatever the case may be, the mismatched earrings trend is here to stay.


For a subtle take on mismatched earrings, go for the same shape style in different sizes, like our Mismatched Key of F Earrings.

Wearing two different studs, hoops, or any other kind of earring on both ears is a look that’s been seen everywhere from the runways to the streets for a while now. And recently, the versatile look that offers a cool, non-traditional spin on ear jewelry has been even more popular. If you’re wondering, is it okay to wear mismatched earrings or when can I wear different earrings? The answer is: yes and anytime! 

The beauty of personal style is that there are no rules. Read on for our take on mismatched earrings and a style guide to elevate any look.


Although our Mismatched Heart + Arrow Earrings have two different objects, they look intentional together due to their overall theme.

How to Style Mismatched Earrings

If you’re new to the mismatched earrings trend and not sure if it’s for you, start small with similar yet different studs. Since these are not as noticeable, it will give you a feel of the style without going all in. And the best part is that there’s no commitment. You can simply take the earrings off if it doesn’t feel like you.

If you’re up to go a little bolder, try dangly earrings that are more noticeable. The key to wearing mismatched earrings without looking like you got ready in the dark is to make sure there’s some sort of correlation between the two earrings. Choose a similar theme (examples coming up in a minute), go with the same color metal, and stick to the same materials. 

Similar to the art of layering necklaces, having something in common between your jewelry pieces will make it look like it was styled together on purpose.

Fun fact: This pair is actually a mix of our
Mini Fortune Cookie Huggie Earrings and Super Mini Fortune Cookie Huggie Earrings.

Mismatched Earrings And Your Overall Look

Another factor to consider while picking out your jewelry is how you’ll be styling your overall look. If you’re aiming for earrings to be the focal point, tone down your outfit so that your earrings can pop more. Perhaps opt for neutral-colored pieces and simple silhouettes.

Hair can also make a noticeable difference when it comes to styling jewelry. If you have long hair and want your earrings to show, put it into an updo like a ponytail or bun. You can also do a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a clip. A side part can also draw extra attention to mismatched earrings.

The biggest thing mismatched earrings go with? Confidence. As long as you own your look, you can’t go wrong. 

Time—and a band-aid—can heal a broken heart. These mismatched huggie earrings are a reminder of that.

What Do You Do With Odd Earrings?

These days, many earrings are sold intentionally as two different styles in a set. You can also mix and match earrings to give it that mismatched look. For the latter, you’ll end up with an odd earring. Here are a few ideas on what you can do with that piece…

  • Gift it to a friend. If you mixed and matched two sets, you’ll end up with two sets of mismatched earrings. One for you, and one for your bestie!
  • Keep it in case you lose the other one. 
  • Embrace the DIY approach and make it into a brooch or a bookmark tassel.
  • Use it as decor. Jewelry is wearable art, but it can serve solely as art in your jewelry box.

Our Mismatched Earrings Picks

For a quick recap on how to wear mismatched earrings, see below with examples for each.

Stick to a common theme:

Our Mismatched Mending Heart + Bandaid Earrings correlate on the topic of healing a broken heart. Since it’s also the same color metal and similar in size, the pair is different yet looks worn on purpose. 


For a Subtle Difference:

Similar to wearing two different studs, our Mismatched Wishbone Earrings share the same idea of subtlety. They may have the same shape and style but look closely and you’ll find that the two pieces are different sizes. 

It’s all in the little details. Another difference between these two wishbone earrings is the number of crystal enamel gems on each.



Spread love with these various sized heart earrings. It’ll be one of the first things people notice about you—even on Zoom.

This mismatched pair is actually a combo of two separate pieces: the Sacred Heart Earrings and Mini Sacred Heart Earrings

For a fun twist, you can get both pairs and mix them up to have one larger and one smaller piece. As mentioned above, you can give the other mismatched set to a bestie.



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