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Finding your fortunes…

You claim a special place
in my heart, one I'll cary with
me forever and that no one
can ever replace.

–  Nicholas Sparks

I love you forever, not maybe.
You are my one true love.

–  Lana Del Ray

Love isn't finding a perfect
person. It's seeing an
imperfect person perfectly.

–  Sam Keen

I'd chose you; in a hundred
lifetimes, in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I'd find you and I'd chose you.

–  Kiersten White

I love you because
the entire universe
conspired to help me
find you.

–  Paolo Coelho

All that you are is
all that I'll ever need.

–  Ed Sheeran

Real love stories
never have endings.

–  Richard Bach

In case you ever foolishly forget:
I am never not thinking of you.

–  Virginia Woolf

Love is like nothing else on this earth,
but only when it is shared with
someone wonderful like you.

–  Mandy Moore