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I raise up my voice-not so I can
shout, but so that those without
a voice can be heard.

–  Malala Yousafzai

I feel like I'm too busy
writing history to read it.

–  Kanye West

In the future,
there will be no female leaders.
There will just be leaders.

–  Sheryl Sandberg

Be the heroine of your life,
not the victim.

–  Nora Ephron

The question isn't
who is going to let me,
it's who is going to stop me.

–  Ayn Rand

Buckle up, and know it's
going to be a tremendous
amount of work, but
embrace it.

–  Tory Burch

What you do makes a difference,
and you have to decide what kind of
a difference you want to make.

–  Jane Goodall

It took me quite a while to
develop a voice, and now
that I have it, I am not
going to be silent.

–  Madeleine Albright

If you don't like the road you're
walking, start paving another one.

–  Dolly Parton

When the whole world is silent,
even one voice becomes powerful.

–  Malala Yousafzai

I don't want other people to decide
what I am. I want to decide
that for myself.

–  Emma Watson

I'm ballsy. I have guts.
I'm not afraid of anyone.
I think that's what makes me powerful.

–  Adele

No matter what people tell you,
words and ideas can change the world.

–  Robin Williams

Make bold choices and make mistakes.
Its all those things that add up
to the person you become.

–  Angelina Jolie

The formula of happiness and success
is just being actually yourself in the
most vivid way you possibly can.

–  Meryl Streep

The roughest roads
often lead to the top.

–  Christina Aguilera

Stop letting your head
talk your heart out of it.

–  Rachel Hollis

Nobody gets to tell you
how big your dreams can be.

–  Rachel Hollis

Bravery shows up in everyday life
when people have the courage to
live their truth, their vision
and their dreams.

–  Oprah Winfrey

We can’t become what we need
to be by remaining what we are.

–  Max de Pree

It doesn’t matter who you are,
where you come from. The ability
to triumph begins with you, always.

–  Oprah Winfrey

You only live once,
but if you do it right,
once is enough.

–  Mae West

Go confidently in the
direction of your dreams.

–  Henry David Thoreau