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12 Fortunes for Mom on Mother’s Day

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Gold Fortune Cookie Locket holding fortune, Gold Deco Heart Locket holding fortune (Ivory), Gold Love Letter Envelope Locket open showing fortune, Silver Heart + Arrow bracelet, and Gold Classic Fortune Locket holding fortune.

Mothers day is quickly approaching, and what other day allows for the perfect excuse to tell the mother figure(s) in your life how much they truly mean to you? In my case, I am lucky enough to have two amazing female role models, my mother and my step-mother. They both have their own qualities that aided in making me who I am today, but it can be challenging to come up with a short and sweet way to explain to them how much I truly love them (especially when they are so different).

If you are in need of inspiration on what to say to that special mother figure in your life, we’ve compiled 12 quotes to inspire ways for you tell them how much you love them, no matter what kind of mother daughter relationship you have - along with the perfect fortune holding jewelry so they can keep your love with them everyday. 

“Out of all the moms in the world, I am so glad you are mine.”

There are so many mothers on this planet, but you must cherish the one that you get to call yours. It is important to remind your mom of this too, no matter how close you already are (because you can never love her too much). 


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“The older I grow, the more I realize having you as my mother is my greatest blessing.”

Sometimes a relationship with your mother can start out rocky, but it is never too late to grow  and realize how lucky you truly are to have her in your life. This is the perfect quote for when you and your mothers relationship has needed time to flourish into what it is now. 

“Mom: My greatest teacher, my best friend, and my cheapest therapist.”

Our mothers can be a built-in best friend (and therapist). That could be just offering you her motherly advice, or even having to give you those hard truths. If your mom just gets you, then this is the perfect fortune to thank her for not only listening to your life stories, but loving you for it! 

“No matter how old I get, I will never stop needing you.”

Sometimes as you’re growing up, you forget how important it is to have a strong role model in your life. Whether that is your grandmother, step-mother, aunt, or mom. You should always remind them that even as you both mature, you will always need them in your life.


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“A mother is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.”

My step-mom is the person I go to when I have a crazy idea that I don't think anyone else would possibly understand. It is so refreshing to not only have that one person I can go to with anything and she supports me no matter what, but it's even better that I get to call her my step-mom. If you have a mother figure who is also your partner in crime, then this quote is sure to prove to her how much you truly love her.

“Mother and daughter are never truly part, maybe in distance but never in heart.” 

My mom and I live very far away from each other, but we still make the extra effort to stay in contact. If that's an hour long phone call, or just a quick “I love you” having those little moments can make all the difference in reminding your mom that you are always thinking of her. 


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“No matter how much I say I love you, I will always love you more than that.”

If you and your mom have the kind of relationship where you’re constantly expressing your appreciation for each other, then this quote is the perfect way to tell her that when you say “I love you”, that isn’t even the start of how much you really do.

“I smile because I am your daughter. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.”

My mom and I poke fun at each other a lot, but at the end of it all we can both agree that having each other is the best thing that could have ever happened to us. If you and your mom are anything like me and mine, then this is the ideal quote for that playful relationship.


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“To my stepmom: You may not have given me the gift of life, but life gave me the gift of you”

I am lucky enough to have been blessed with a step-mom who came into my life and accepted me as her own. Even though she didn’t give birth to me, she still has taught me so many life lessons that I might have never learned without her. If life has also gifted you a bonus mom, then tell her how much of a bonus she truly is with this fortune!

“If I didn’t have you as a mom, I’d choose you as a friend.”

My mom and I not only have an amazing relationship, but we have the most authentic friendship. I think that if I couldn’t have gotten her as a mother, then I definitely would have chosen her as my best friend.  Use this fortune to express your appreciation for her being able to understand you like no one else.

“Being your daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

For many of us, our moms are the ones who taught us everything we know and value in life, but sometimes we forget to tell her in words how much we truly cherish her. I think that there is no  better way to express your gratitude for her than with a quote like this one.


If you’re looking for an authentic way to tell your mom how lucky you truly feel, this quote and Gold Love Letter Envelope Locket would be a great gift from you to her!

“With you I am home.”

This is a heart warming message that is sure to make the mother in your life feel like they have done an amazing job of being the positive example and parent that you need in your life. If your mom is also your soulmate, then this quote is sure to get her in her feels.

I hope that this accumulation of fortunes, along with the ideal piece of jewelry to display the heartfelt quotes in, has sparked an idea for you on how you are going to show the mother figure(s) in your life,  “Happy Mother’s Day” this year. Whether your special role model is your mother, grandmother, aunt or bonus mom, there is no way to show her too much love. 


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