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17 Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Her

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Each year as your anniversary rolls around, the daunting task is always the gift. Of course there are always the classics: flowers, chocolate, cards and jewelry. But one thing to keep in mind is that the meaning behind the gift is more valuable and memorable than the gift itself. Read on for our full guide on some of the most creative gifts you can personalize to woo your wife all over again.

“Your anniversary is coming up... What are you getting her?” 
-Text from your wife’s best friend

Pro Tip: She’s not really asking about the gift. She’s reminding you to get one. 

A good way to show that not only did you already know it was your anniversary (thank you very much), but that you’ve planned ahead, is by getting a personalized anniversary gift for your wife. One that feels like it was created just for her.

 Shown Here: A sampling of unique anniversary gifts for her

Trying to figure out what to gift for an anniversary? We’ll help you find the best personalized gift, anniversary (and best friend) approved.

Personalized gifts don’t just check the “I didn’t forget our anniversary” box; they have the added benefit of being genuinely thoughtful.

But choosing a meaningful gift—personalized or not—can be stressful, especially if your anniversary is just days away. Or a day away. Despite having 364 days to prepare, anniversaries have a funny way of sneaking up on you. 

Shown here: Our Envelope Fortune Locket, a meaningful personalized anniversary gift

The message inside our Envelope Fortune Locket is something she can wear all year long, so you want to choose something that inspires her or touches her on a daily basis. 

So many choices, but nothing seems right. 

Where to begin? When buying gifts, it can seem like there are a million choices, yet no good choices at all. You want a gift that’s unique, but also thoughtful in that it reflects how you see her.

In order to help you find the perfect personalized gift for her for your upcoming anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite and most unique gift ideas.


The one year wedding anniversary is also known as the “paper anniversary,” married partners traditionally buy each other gifts made of paper. Paper symbolizes the delicacy of your new love. This is the beginning of your marriage story and the paper gift is just the first chapter. However, there is no rule that the whole gift must be made of paper.

We have a number of anniversary jewelry gift options that carry a personalized paper message so you can stick with tradition, while also gifting her something that she'll adore and wear everyday. 

One of our favorites? After completing Chapter 1, start your next chapter with her by writing her a short love letter and delivering it in our Envelope Fortune Locket.


Considering pairing that not with words specifically commemorating your anniversary, on a card that goes above and beyond what you would pick up at the drugstore.

Shown Here: Lovepop Cards are a perfect complement to other unique anniversary gifts for her.Tell her what you’re excited for and how amazing this first year of marriage has been together with a Love Explosion 3D card from Lovepop Cards, $13.


By your fifth year in marriage, your foundation is less fragile and more solid than it was in year one, which is why, according to tradition, your fifth anniversaryor “wooden anniversary”is symbolized by a gift made of wood. 

Many couples have or are beginning to expand their families beyond two members at this point, while other couples have made a conscious decision not to. 

Whether you’re expecting a little bundle of joy or are ready to adopt your next fur baby, run a business together or even embark on ambitious travel plans together, showing her how excited you are about your journey will help her recommit to your chosen path as well.  

Shown here: Our Flowered Vines Fortune Locket, a meaningful personalized anniversary gift

Show her that you’re proud of how the seeds you’ve planted together over the last 5 years are blossoming with our Flowered Vines Fortune Locket.


But what’s that got to do with wood?

If you’re going the traditional route, consider a wooden jewelry box to store her new locket in, alongside all of her other jewelry, keepsakes and trinkets. We’re big fans of vintage-style apothecary drawers, such as this one by Kate and Laurel.

Shown Here: These wooden apothecary drawers might seem like an unusual anniversary gift, but not on your fifth anniversary, or wooden anniversary.

This vintage-inspired set of Kate and Laurel Apothecary Drawers costs $39.99 and is a perfect place for her to store her jewelry and other keepsakes she’s held onto along your journey together. 


A decade together. Ten years of smiles, laughs, new adventures, maybe a few tears, but through it all, love. Take a minute to look around you. Look at her and the life you’ve created together. Marriage is a special kind of coordinated chaos that only gets better with time. After ten years together, developing a synchronized routine of chores, pick-ups, drop-offs, party hostings, outings, planning, a date night here and there, the list goes on and on. It’s truly a team effort. 

A lot changes in ten years, but one thing that you can assure to your wife that will never change is that you’re always on her side. 

What is the gift for your 10 year anniversary?

According to tradition, it’s aluminum or tin. 

If you’re willing to bypass tradition, consider the Cascading Circles Fortune Locket.

Shown Here: The Cascading Circles Fortune Locket is a unique anniversary gift for 10 years, and is a nod to the team you have formed.

 The Cascading Circles Fortune Locket holds the words, quote or saying of your choice. Consider personalizing her fortune with words as simple as, “I got you babe” by one of the most famous duos of all time, Sonny & Cher.

The intersecting circles on our Cascading Circles Fortune Locket represent teamwork and synchronized beauty. The design simply wouldn’t work if one circle was out of place.


Want to stick with tradition?

Revisit the promises you made to each other 10 years ago. You vowed to be each other's rock, a shoulder to lean on and hand to hold when facing all of the challenges life throws at you. Remind her of the vows you made by displaying them in tin or aluminum frames, so that you can honor those words daily.

Shown Here: These customizable vow keepsake prints are the most perfect personalized anniversary gift, no matter how many years you are celebrating.
Remind her of the promises you made in the beginning of your journey as a married couple. These customizable prints from The Etsy page, TheArtisanGiftCo, starts at $51.30 and allows you to display your vows in your home. This keepsake is the perfect way to relive this beautiful moment, when your love story began.


Each anniversary is special, whether it’s an exciting fifth or tenth-year milestone or your third, seventh or eighth year together. Every year together is a gift and a new opportunity to reflect on how far you have come. Make sure that even in those odd-numbered years she feels special. She did vow to spend the rest of her life with you, after all. With a more out-of-the-box, unusual anniversary gift the occasion will be that much more memorable.

Shown here: Our Heart + Arrow Bracelet, a meaningful personalized anniversary gift

Gifting her The Heart + Arrow Bracelet is the perfect opportunity to let her know that she will always hold your heart under lock and key.


As you expand your family and move into your dream home with your children and pets, remember that this home started with just two.

Shown Here: The LoveBook allows you to print your story in copy and give her a personalized anniversary gift she can share with everyone.

No love story will ever compare to yours. For $49.95, the LoveBook allows you to create the coolest personalized anniversary gift, by allowing you to personalize a story book with your own love story.

Every year has the potential to be one full of adventure and excitement. Be sure to document your travels, big and small, and keep these memories close to you.

Shown Here: This book is the best way to bring a little bit more excitement into your lives and create memories to last a lifetime.
Spice up this year with fun date ideas and try to do something new whenever you can. The Adventure Challenge Book, Couple’s Edition, is full of fun date ideas and even comes with a camera to allow you to keep the memory of the date. The item costs $184.99 or $39.99 without a camera. It is filled with great date ideas that don’t always cost an arm and a leg.

The list does not stop here! 

On our search for personalized anniversary gifts, we found so many unique ones that would be just perfect for any anniversary, birthday, holiday, or even to give her just because. Browse if you wish—we promise these will catch your eye!
Shown Here: This Maps for the Moment star map is the best way to bring a little bit more excitement into your lives and create memories to last a lifetime.
This love was created under the luckiest stars! The Maps for the Moment star map allows you to pick your wedding date, dating anniversary, when you met, etc. and have a keepsake that gives you the power to freeze time and hold onto that exact moment forever. You can customize the text and design for $35.

Shown Here: This unique anniversary gift is the perfect decor to display in your living room.
Over the years there have been so many special moments that have all led to this exact moment. The Personal Creations: Family Timeline Wall Art, comes in a framed print that starts at $51.99 for a 11x14 size (it comes in larger versions, too). It enables you to customize dates, graphics and titles and reflect on some of the best and most important memories over the years.


Shown Here: These roses are a unique anniversary gift for your love, who can appreciate its beauty for a while.

Flowers are nice, but you can’t really hold onto them for a long time. A perfect unique anniversary gift for any girl that adores roses is the Eternity Roses by Le Jardin Infini are preserved flowers that last up to a year (and possibly longer with proper care). They cost $374 and allow you to customize the rose and box color and even add a special message.  


 Shown Here: Music is a universal language and has a unique way of connecting us. It helps us express our feelings and has a funny way of changing our mood. This unique anniversary gift will allow your partner to hold onto this song as a keepsake forever.
All of us have a special song that makes you think of your partner, no matter where you are when it comes on. Hearing a song or reading the lyrics can transport you back in time to a place or with a person. The Etsy page, WanderingRabbitPrint, allows you to give your partner the gift of a song with this Custom Foil Metallic Soundwave & Lyrics Song Art wall décor. It starts at $29.85 and all you have to do is select the Spotify code for your song. You can also personalize the framing option and color of the foil art.


A few closing thoughts and answers to three common questions we receive…

It is said that we should “Not count the years, but to make the years count”. 

With marriage, the length of time you have spent as a part of this union doesn’t really matter, because each type of love grows in different ways. It is about making memories, building a home together and helping each other slowly grow into the best version of yourselves. Marriage is a whirlwind of exciting adventures, that many times feel like they are right out of a movie. We believe that the best way to commemorate these moments are with personalized anniversary gifts that are a true representation of your past year together. Show your wife how much this past year meant to you. 

Think of each anniversary as a holiday specially designed to honor your relationship. Because that’s what it is. 

Unlike Christmas or even Valentine’s Day, which millions of other people celebrate alongside you, your anniversary is just about you two. It’s the one day a year reserved to pause your hectic lives, reflect on what you have experienced together over the past year and honor and celebrate your love.

So why is it so hard to figure out the right gift? Every month, we get more people posing the following questions through our site:

What to gift my girlfriend for our anniversary?

As you decide which personalized anniversary gift to buy your wife this year, keep the last year in mind: What goals or milestones did you achieve? What were your favorite moments? How did your love grow stronger?

Now that you have reflected on who your wife is and why you fell in love with her in the first place, it is time to pick the perfect gift. 

What do I get my wife for our anniversary? 

Start by thinking about her personality. Is her style girly and frilly or more laid-back and casual? Is she a total jewelry collector or does she only wear a few everyday pieces along with her wedding band?

Next, what do you want to say to her? Begin reminiscing about your favorite moments together. The times you realized how much you truly love her and why. Whether you are good at expressing your feelings or not, we know that the meaning behind the gift is the most important part. 

What is the best anniversary gift for my wife?

Whether you have been together for 1 year, 10 years or 25 blissful years, the best gift is always a personalized anniversary gift that feels like it was created especially for her.

Trying to find the perfect gift for her can seem like a daunting task, and it may seem easier to stick to the classic dozen roses and dinner. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, we believe that there is nothing more vulnerable than giving a gift that shares a thoughtful message with your loved one . Doing so can make you feel more connected and strengthen the everlasting bond you hold. 

Shown here: each Fortune & Frame piece comes packaged in a custom-designed storybook gift box.
Each Fortune & Frame piece comes packaged in a custom-designed storybook gift box.

Why does a personalized anniversary gift feel so much more special?

With the fast-paced world we live in, it can be easy to get caught up in it all. Sometimes you may forget to text each other back or both of you are exhausted when you come home from work. Other times, we let the stress get the better of us and we take our frustrations out on each other. Whatever you have been through in the past year, good and bad, you made it another year together.

“For better or for worse”, you and your wife have stood against trials and tribulations, explored new places and new activities, hand in hand. She is your wife, and this day should be a reminder that no matter what, your love for her is eternal.

Want more anniversary gift ideas? Check out:

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