Shown here: Fortune & Frame jewelry, an ideal traditional wedding anniversary gift for the years. Tips & Guides

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Years

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Shown here: Fortune & Frame jewelry, an ideal traditional wedding anniversary gift for the years.

Each year as your anniversary comes around, the big question is always “What should I get her?”. Of course you could opt for the classic dozen roses, fine jewelry, maybe a trip to a romantic destination, possibly a beautiful date night to a fancy restaurant or—dare I say—just a card. 


Each year has a traditional wedding anniversary gift that symbolizes the growth of your love. Read on to be inspired by tradition and get those gift ideas flowing!

With so many choices, it can be difficult to settle on just one. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the years and the meaning behind them.

Traditional Gifts by Year

To inspire you, here are gift suggestions for every wedding anniversary year. The traditional gifts make giving gifts this anniversary a little easier.


1st Anniversary: Paper

2nd Anniversary: Cotton 

3rd Anniversary: Leather

4th Anniversary: Fruit/Flowers

5th Anniversary: Wood 

6th Anniversary: Sugar

7th Anniversary: Copper 

8th Anniversary: Bronze 

9th Anniversary: Pottery 

10th Anniversary: Aluminum 

11th Anniversary: Steel 

12th Anniversary: Home Decor

13th Anniversary: Lace 

14th Anniversary: Ivory 

15th Anniversary: Crystal 

20th Anniversary: China 

25th Anniversary: Silver 

30th Anniversary: Pearl 

35th Anniversary: Coral

40th Anniversary: Ruby

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

50th Anniversary: Gold 

55th Anniversary: Emerald

60th Anniversary: Diamond

65th Anniversary: Blue Sapphire 

70th Anniversary: Platinum 

It’s the Thought that Counts… 

Though some of these traditional gifts for the years may seem uncommon in today’s culture, the best part about these gifts is that it is not the quantity of presents or the amount of money spent, the meaning is all that truly matters.  

The significance behind these traditional wedding anniversary gifts is a toast to the milestone year you are celebrating—because every year spent together is one to be celebrated, even the odd numbers. 

Today, when gifting your wife this still holds true. The thoughtfulness and care that is reflected through gifts is what she will remember. Personalized anniversary presents are always a winner, and lucky for you that is our specialty. 

Modernizing these gifts can be a complex challenge to tackle on your own. But learning the meaning behind each of these gifts is the first step. Then, we can talk gifts. 

Here is our full guide behind the meaning of traditional wedding anniversary gifts  for the years and a few of our favorite pieces that allow you to add your own personal touch. 

1st Anniversary: 

The traditional anniversary gift to celebrate your first year as a married couple is traditionally made of paper. Our message holding lockets are the perfect anniversary gift for newly weds. 

 The “Paper Anniversary” is year one of marriage, it is the beginning of your story and every great story was once a blank piece of paper. Of course, we don’t suggest grabbing a few sheets from the printer, wrapping it in a bow and calling it a day, but utilize this anniversary to express your excitement to author a life together that is better than any fairytale. Although the traditional gift for this wedding anniversary is something made of paper, it doesn't have to be the whole gift. Our Envelope Fortune Locket is the perfect symbol for this anniversary and allows her to wear your love story close to her heart wherever she goes. 


2nd Anniversary

Cotton is the traditional gift for this wedding anniversary and it represents more than just clothing. Seemingly a simple gift, cotton represents the lives of two individuals continuing to intertwine. Cotton is made from many interlocking and interlacing fibers that don’t quite work on their own. Marriage is not only about the merging of the lives of two people, but the lives of two families becoming one. As your marriage continues to flourish in the second year, these two worlds weave together more with each passing day. 

3rd Anniversary:

Leather is durable, reliable, and most importantly, strong. Flexible yet tough, leather is also organic, much like your love. True love is never forced or manufactured, it was always there to allow you two to fashion your relationship. Leather is used to keep warm, as well as acts as a security blanket to protect against even the coldest of days. The gift of leather is a reminder that you will always keep them safe and your love will warm their heart forever. 

4th Anniversary:


Your love is flourishing in the fourth year of marriage! The traditional gift for this anniversary may be flowers, but we put our own twist on tradition. The flowers vine locket is the most popular anniversary gift.


A dozen roses, a bouquet of tulips or a bunch of peonies, the traditional gift of fruit or flowers for this wedding anniversary represents your blossoming relationship, your flourishing love for one another and the budding family you are creating together. Flowers are the classic symbol of beauty and delicacy. Much like every relationship, each one is unique in its own magnificent way. Though many may first choose to gift their partners with a lovely bouquet, our Flowered Vines Fortune Locket reflects the unique growth of your relationship, while allowing you to commemorate your relationship with a personal touch inside that she can hold onto forever. 


5th Anniversary:

Though paper is the start of your story, your relationship only grows stronger from that humble beginning. Wood is the traditional anniversary gift for the  5th year of marriage as its strength mirrors the solidarity of your unity. It is a deeply rooted love that is long-lasting and durable. Like a tree in which wood comes from, your relationship has also grown in wisdom. You have learned more about life as a married couple, balancing the trials and challenges that you may face in your years of marriage and more about one another. 

6th Anniversary:

Together for quite some time, iron is a symbol of the strong bond between you and your partner. Protection against harmful forces like iron, the love you have for each other is your greatest defense as you face the world together. It allows you to not only keep your relationship shape, it is a solid force that will help you pave the road for many years of marriage to come. 

7th Anniversary:

Year number 7 may be your luckiest together (maybe this is a good time to play the lottery?). Your good luck charm is the traditional wedding anniversary gift of copper. 

Lucky number 7, this year of marriage is a year of good fortune and growth, with a gift for this wedding anniversary to match. Copper is synonymous with prosperity, good luck and good intention. Not only do you have a year of luck ahead of you in the 7th year, you also are given the opportunity to celebrate how fortunate you are for finding one another. Though it may not be made of copper, our Large Fortune Cookie Locket has a similar symbolism. A classic fortune cookie is an image of luck, guidance and better days ahead, much like the metal copper.


8th Anniversary:

As a continuation of the 7th anniversary gift, the traditional  anniversary gift for the 8th year is bronze. A metal that is a product of the combination of copper and other metals, bronze is tougher as well as resistant. Bronze is a symbol of longevity and a strength that can weather any storm it may face. A bond that cannot be broken and can weather any storm. 

9th Anniversary:

Taking a break from metals, pottery is the traditional gift to toast 9 years of wedded bliss. The 9th year anniversary gifts are traditionally made of pottery.
Though pottery may not seem as durable as the previous gifts and can be broken quite easily, pottery is formed by clay that is spun, formed, baked and glazed. A long process ahead, pottery is symbolic of the beauty that comes in time. It cannot be rushed and no step can be skipped because the finished pieces will not be as stable and beautiful as it was once intended to be. 

10th Anniversary:

After 10 years together, you are bound to have faced some difficult challenges and decisions in the past decade of marriage; these may have even resulted in a few arguments. All couples disagree at one point or another, big and small disagreements are the sign of a healthy relationship. Big fights, little tiffs, and every disagreement in between, you made it through together. Like the traditional gift of pliable aluminum, your relationship may become dented or even bent at times but it will never truly break, preparing for another strengthening decade ahead. 

11th Anniversary:


The 11th year anniversary gifts are steel, however has been modernized to fashion jewelry. Well, this is just the perfect piece to show your love! 

Steel, like the other metals that were mentioned, represent the durability and strength of your relationship after all this time. No matter what you may face in your time as a married couple, steel is a reminder to remain true to one another and true to the vows that you promised all those years ago. The modern adaption of the gift for this wedding anniversary is fashion jewelry. Our Heart + Arrow Bracelet acts as a daily reminder to her that you will forever remain true, through thick and thin. 


12th Anniversary:

Every home, no matter how beautiful deserves a few renovations every once in a while. The traditional gift for this wedding anniversary of home decor is a symbol of your established and committed relationship. You have created a beautiful life together that continues to grow each day, bringing outgrowth of the old and the need to evolve into the new. You are simply modifying your needs as they come, but you are continuing making these improvements as a unit. Every modification big or small is needed, that is why our Fortune Frame is a suitable gift for the 12th year. It's a fitting home decor piece to bring a bit more inspiration to your space.


13th Anniversary:

Lace is the traditional theme for the 13th year. Lace is a beautiful fabric piece, however without the individual details the fabric may not radiate the same beauty. The intricate detail of classic lace represents the minuscule details of your relationship that have given rise to some of the best and most pivotal moments in your relationship. It is a reminder to appreciate every moment together, even the smallest ones. 

14th Anniversary:

Ivory was once one of the most honorable ways to gift your partner, as it was seen to be a very costly present. True ivory, sourced from elephant tusks, represents dignity, patience and stability. Thriving through 14 years of marriage, these are qualities that couples grow into making this gift even more special. 

15th Anniversary:

After 15 years of marriage, your love for one another is crystal clear. As the traditional gift for the 15th wedding anniversary, crystal reflects the sparkling passion and shining bliss this relationship has brought you. Crystal, seemingly delicate and dainty, is actually quite sturdy, representing the strength of your bond through all it has entailed. The transparency of crystal is reflective of your trust and communication with one another, as there are no secrets between you two. 

20th Anniversary:

The gift for this wedding anniversary of a simple tea set or dishware display doesn’t really seem like a proper gift for your 20th wedding anniversary, however what china symbolizes is much more special than one would expect. Like crystal, china is seen to be delicate and fragile. Although it is easily breakable, if taken care of properly it can stand the test of time and becomes more valuable as time passes. 

25th Anniversary:

Cheers to 25 years of wedded bliss! Known as “The Silver Anniversary”, the traditional wedding anniversary gift of silver represents the strength and beauty of your love. 

A quarter of a century together and not a day has gone by that you have loved your partner any less. The precious metal is more than just a material we make meaningful jewelry out of. It is a piece that represents radiance, brilliance and most importantly, strength. Much like your love, sterling silver will stand the test of time.

After 25 years of gifts, jewelry is always a winner. As you ‘turn a new corner’ together, give her our Turning Corners Fortune Locket to express your excitement for the next chapter. Check out our complete guide on how to nail the Silver Anniversary or shop silver jewelry.


30th Anniversary:

Pearls take years to form. Inside the oyster, the jewel grows and once harvested has a piece that will never go out of style. Like every pearl, each couple is unique in its own way. After three decades together, your love has strengthened and possesses a magnificent wonder that is individual to you. 

35th Anniversary:

The vibrant and colorful coral is not only an eye-catching gift to honor your partner, it also represents protection, like coral to a fish. After all of this time, you and your partner have built a beautiful life for yourself, but the wonderful world you have fostered started with only two people in love. The anniversary gift for the 35th year symbolizes that no matter how much time has passed or what you have experienced as a couple, you will always be there to keep each other safe. 

40th Anniversary:

The color red has always been synonymous with passion and love. The flame of your love began with a single spark and, even after four decades that flame is still burning bright. Fiery ruby is a gift that assures your partner that your love will never fade and the passion is everlasting. If your partner is not into gemstones and you are willing to stray from tradition a bit, we have the perfect piece for you. Our Fortune Cookie String Bracelet in Burgundy gives that subtle hint of red that keeps the tradition alive, without the flashy stone. 


45th Anniversary:

Enchanting sapphire symbolizes the successful love story of you and your partner. Over four decades of love, through good times and bad, is a true sign of loving commitment. The gift of deep-blue sapphire to celebrate this wedding anniversary allows you to commemorate your unwavering dedication to the person you vowed your love to all those years ago. 

50th Anniversary:

After half a century of marriage, 50 years together marks the golden anniversary. there must be a special luster that is still shining bright. 50 years of laughter and love has been nothing but “golden”. The traditional gift of gold and its undeniable strength is comparable to the commitment of your love you made to one another. The perfect way to begin moving forward into the next 50 years is to reflect on the successful marriage you have had thus far. Take this opportunity to personalize their gift, so that it will be something she will cherish forever. With our Capsule + Wand Bracelet, your words, like gold, will be everlasting. 


55th Anniversary:

Many people associate emerald with luck, as green is very synonymous with the Irish. However, luck did not create this wonderful life you two have created together. Though green is not everyone’s color, receiving this stone means much more than the style itself. The dark green gemstone, emerald represents eternal commitment and toasts the unwavering love and respect a couple celebrating this anniversary has for one another. 

60th Anniversary:

The 60th anniversary, known as the “Diamond Jubilee”, celebrates your triumphs as a couple. The hardest natural substance on Earth, the gift of a diamond for this wedding anniversary represents the unwavering strength you have had over the past six decades, as well as the beautiful memories and victories you have achieved as a couple. Diamonds are created under high pressure, and perhaps like your relationship, some of the most wonderful moments may have derived from stressful situations that you have been through. It is a toast to your tremendous teamwork. 

Our Fortune Cookie studs are the playful alternative to diamond jewelry.

65th Anniversary:

The 65th wedding anniversary is represented by a Blue Sapphire. A symbol of beauty and rarity, this gemstone celebrated spending almost a lifetime as one. The Blue Sapphire represents peace and more notably loyalty, which is certainly unwavering after 65 years of unity. At this point in your marriage, you have reached the ultimate stage: simply enjoying each other's company and reflecting on what a wonderful life you have had together -- you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have picked the best life partner for you. It is also said that Blue Sapphire can also bring fulfillment of dreams and inner prosperity.

70th Anniversary:

The traditional wedding anniversary gift to celebrate 70 wonderful years together is platinum. Like platinum, a 70th wedding anniversary has a rarity and beauty that is truly unmatched. 

Platinum, the traditional gift for the 70th wedding anniversary, symbolizes durability and longevity, as this precious metal is one of the most enduring treasures. Platinum has a rich, white luster that will hold its luminosity forever, mirroring the love you and your partner have for each other that will last forever.

Our platinum-dipped
Cascading Circles Fortune Locket has a minimalist design that holds an important story of infinite love. Like the bond of the couple celebrating this tremendous milestone, the circles of this locket are strategically intertwined, creating a harmonious and romantic design.


Now that you know the meaning behind the traditional wedding anniversary presents for the year, it is time for the big decision: which one is best for her?

FAQs on Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Years

What are the milestones of anniversaries?

A milestone anniversary is a special anniversary year that commemorates an important event or series of events in a person's life, such as a 10th, 25th, or 50th wedding anniversary. These anniversaries are often celebrated with a big party or gathering with friends and family.

Milestones of anniversaries by year and anniversary gift type:

Traditional milestone anniversaries have their own gift themes. Each year is an opportunity for gift giving to each other in celebration of your love for one another.

  • First anniversary (paper): celebrates the day you started your relationship
  • Fifth year anniversary (wood): commemorates the 5 years of being together
  • Tenth anniversary (aluminium): marks a decade of togethernes
After the tenth year of marriage, milestone anniversary years happen at the:
  • 25th anniversary (silver)
  • 30th  anniversary (pearl)
  • 40th anniversary (ruby)
  • 50th year (gold) also known as the golden wedding anniversary
  • Every decade thereafter.

How do you calculate years of marriage?

Years of marriage are counted from the day you officially said 'I do'. Each year, your anniversary falls on the same day you got married.

What are the most important wedding anniversaries?

All anniversaries are important, but the biggest milestone anniversaries are year 5, 10, 25, 30 and every decade after.

How do you calculate years of marriage?

Years of marriage are counted from the day you officially said 'I do'. Each year, your anniversary falls on the same day you got married.

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