Gold Flowered Vines Fortune Locket and Gold Fortune Cookie Locket (Blush) surrounded by plants. Tips & Guides

2023 Spring Jewelry Trends & Tips to Style Them

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Gold Flowered Vines Fortune Locket and Gold Fortune Cookie Locket (Blush) surrounded by plants.

Spring has officially sprung! This is the time where we all need to be letting go of the things that are holding us back, and allowing ourselves to accept the fresh beginnings that are coming our way. If that change is a new job, new friends, or just a little update in your personal style. A revamp of your go-to jewelry to the latest trends of this season could be just the right first step in your newfound direction. 

If you are in need of inspiration on what you should be wearing this season, whether you prefer a bright and bold statement piece or a simple personalized stack, we have compiled a list of 6 jewelry trends and tips on how to style your pieces (just in time for Spring).

Mismatched Earrings

Dainty earrings have been in the spotlight for the past couple of years, and although we still love the sophisticated look, this spring we will be seeing more layering and variety in those more simple stacks. Changing up the length, texture, color, and style to add a bit of spunk for the spring. This look is done easiest if you have multiple ear piercings, but can still be done beautifully with just one. Try this trend out if you want to add some variation to your typical look!

Pops of Pastel

Spring is the time where we begin to ditch our more muted tones, and fully embrace those vibrant colors that we have been waiting to wear all winter. The best way to begin your winter to spring style transition, is to start adding hints of pastel pinks, blues or yellows into your daily jewelry to really liven up any spring outfit. Whether you prefer a simple piece to stand out amongst the rest, or you are ready to make a statement, sneaking in those bits of extra color are bound to brighten up your look (and your life).


A Blush Fortune Cookie Locket would be the perfect pop of color to add to your new spring stack.


Pearl jewelry has been around for centuries, but getting to add that modern touch to really let your personality show, is going to be essential to staying trendy this spring. A huge part of this will be having to take risks and have fun when putting together your synergized stack. Try things like mixing and matching dainty pearls with a chunky gold chain to create the perfect combination, and add a bit more variety and texture to your look.

Bracelet Cuffs

Bracelet cuffs are going to be all the rage, but if you want to be able to join in on the commotion while also staying true to your personal spirit and style. Then what better way than to add an evil eye bracelet to your collection. The Evil Eye is represented in so many cultures as being a good luck charm for anyone who wears it. Whether you are in need of wisdom, vibrance, confidence, or just an overall protection, wearing these colorful cuffs can allow for that spiritual balance and stylish look that we all need this spring.


Protect your mind and soul while also staying trendy with an Evil Eye Bracelet.

Floral Emblems

Spring time is very beautiful due to the arrival of freshly grown flowers, warmer weather, and all of the greenery that can be seen in nature. Once the seasons begin to change, it is always fun to make that transition into your new look.

A great way to incorporate the current spring vibe to your everyday wear, is to add floral and foliage inspired jewelry pieces to your normal line up. Wearing pieces that have flowery emblems can keep your sophisticated look, while following the change of seasons. If you are trying to integrate your current style with the trends this spring, then this is a perfect way to do it!


Add in your touch of floral with the Flowered Vines Fortune Locket.

Signet Rings 

Wearing rings is a standard piece of jewelry for any season, but if you are wanting to stray away from your typical stack, then try out this year's trend of wearing rings that are bold and chunky. Something that is colorful and truly eye-catching is the perfect way to keep your personal style in mind while experimenting with statement pieces. Try combining a few eye-catching pieces with your everyday rings to show off the new you.


A Deco Heart Signet Ring (or a few) would make a great statement piece to add to any ring stack.


Spring is when we officially get to see the blooming of nature, growth in ourselves, and the flourishing of our personal style. Adding pops of color, texture, and new striking conversation pieces to your everyday jewelry is a great way to stay in the know this season. No matter what your personal style is, there are so many creative ways to be trendy and true to yourself when creating your spring looks. I hope that this assortment of 2023 Spring trends and tips to style them has inspired you to try something new.

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