An evil eye bracelet with emerald green, white, and crystal enamel detailing shown with a flower over a canvas background. Tips & Guides

How to Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet

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An evil eye bracelet with emerald green, white, and crystal enamel detailing shown with a flower over a canvas background.

The symbol of the Evil Eye has become a popular trend in many clothing and accessory items in the past few years. The trend of wearing the mesmerizing emblem has become more secular. Unknowingly, many people purchase and wear Evil Eye jewelry without understanding the true history and meaning of the Evil Eye

As told in The Meaning and History of Evil Eye Jewelry, the Evil Eye is a dangerous curse placed upon the unprotected. The evil stare is fueled with anger and envy, and is passed along with just a glance of a jealous eye. It brings physical and mental suffering, as well as misfortune to those who are looked up with ‘the eye’. The curse of The Evil Eye is taken extremely seriously in many cultures, but it’s origins began in the Mediterranean, specifically Greece, and West Asia. To combat the curse, Evil Eye jewelry was created to provide constant protection, ward off any curse headed your way, and provide positive energy to those who possess it. The mesmerizing Evil Eye charm is placed on jewelry, religious items, key charms and hanging charms. 

Because the Evil Eye has a strong spiritual affiliation, it is easy to be concerned with the rules and regulations that may go along with owning a piece of Evil Eye jewelry as to not tamper with its protective abilities. 

This blog post will help to answer some of your commonly asked questions about the practice of wearing Evil Eye Jewelry. 

Which Hand Should You Wear An Evil Eye Bracelet?

The most popular way to carry the Evil Eye with you for protection is in the form of a bracelet. 

There is no specific side written in stone that the Evil Eye bracelet should be worn on. It is truly about preference, however, there are suggestions that recommend one side over the other. It is believed that the bracelet should be worn on the left side, as your left side is believed to be the emotional side of the body. It is also the side of your body that holds your heart, so it is appropriate to wear it on the left arm to protect your vulnerability from the Evil Eye.


Feel free to stack your Evil Eye bracelets for some added protection.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet?

When we are surrounded by fear and doubt, it is important to think of ourselves and provide yourself with what we feel will protect us the most. No, it is not bad luck to buy evil Eye jewelry for yourself. In fact, it is a sign of strength and independence to supply yourself with protection from the Evil Eye curse. You are recognizing your doubts and taking action, rather than sitting around waiting for someone else to protect you. It is also a symbolism of fortune and positivity following your path, as Evil Eye jewelry swears off bad luck and negativity. However, it is more effective when given as a gift. 


Buying an Evil Eye for yourself is a tell-tale sign of strength and independence.

How Do You Cleanse An Evil Eye Bracelet?

To activate the powers of the Evil Eye to their fullest potential and bless the bracelet, it is important to cleanse the eye if you feel bad vibrations on your radar, and begin with a clean slate. 

The best time to cleanse your bracelet is three days before or after the full moon or on the date of the full moon, as these are seen as the most powerful days. However, this can be done as needed. When you receive an eye bracelet, hold it in your palms and close your eyes. Feel the gratitude of protection as it fills your heart and think of a body of water nearby, imagine all of your negative energy floating away as the water flows. Channel your negative energy towards this body of water, as it comes it floats away. Each time you come across this water, hold your bracelet in it, in order to cleanse the eye of all negative energy it may have collected. 


Cleansing your Evil Eye Bracelet on the day of the Full Moon harnesses its strongest powers.

What Happens When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Falls Off?

If your Evil Eye bracelet breaks or falls off, it means that it will not be able to protect you anymore. It has deflected and absorbed all of the negative energy it possibly can, and simply cannot hold anymore. The power of it disappears when it breaks. It must be replaced with a new one to continuously be protected from misfortune, but the bracelet has certainly done it’s job.

Can I Take Off My Evil Eye Bracelet?

Wearing your Evil Eye bracelet each day is an important protection against any unexpected encounters with the Evil Eye curse, but you should not be wearing the bracelet 24/7. It is actually recommended to take off your Evil Eye while sleeping and showering, not only does it increase the chances of your Evil Eye bracelet becoming tarnished or damaged, it is also considered unlucky. Showering with the bracelet on especially could potentially impact how protective it can be against the malevolent gaze.


If you're going to take your Evil Eye Bracelet off, we recommend storing it in a jewelry box for safe-keeping.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

Perhaps one of the most popular questions regarding any piece of Evil Eye jewelry comes from doubting it’s capabilities. Does the bracelet itself ward off evil, or is it the idea of wearing it and being protected that gives us positive energy? The short answer: Yes, the evil eye bracelet does work. 

The Evil Eye bracelet, and any Evil Eye jewelry for that matter, is meant to protect you from the malicious and envious curse and absorb any negative energy sent to you. It is also used to ward off evil and provide positive, light energy to outweigh the bad. 

Many cultures use the Evil Eye bracelet to give themselves the piece of mind and rejuvenate their positivity because they know it will protect them from this malicious and invisible curse. Whether it is out of superstition or religious reasoning, Evil Eye jewelry is a safety blanket. You may believe in the power and sacredness of the Evil Eye charm or not. Regardless, it is important to respect the history and meaning behind this piece of jewelry. 


The biggest point to remember about the Evil Eye, it will work just as
hard as you do.


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