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2023 Summer Jewelry Trends You Need To Follow

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Five Deco Heart Lockets on top of grass.

As we’ve already dived into the summer season, there are trends that are coming out and trends we are saying goodbye to. This summer, we see a shift in jewelry from minimalistic to bold. Accessories make the world go round, and can change the vibe of any outfit in the snap of a finger! These new trends and comebacks are taken a step further through playful color and designs. You can keep up to date with all these trending styles while still maintaining your personal touch. While continuing off this summer with playful colors that were trending in the spring, chunky pieces and mixing and matching is where it’s truly at! From mixing your metals, thick chains, and all the way to chunky rings, the top trends right now is to truly make a statement. Summer 2023 is categorized by daring, bold, yet classy looks. Many retro trends are making a comeback, while common throughout history this is done in a new and daring way. Here we go over the top 5 emerging trends in jewelry that are here to stay for all of summer.

Thick Chains

While the past year was categorized by dainty pieces and simple staples, this season shifts to a more bold and retro look. A classic chain has been a fashion staple for ages, both for men and women. More recent trends have involved mid-sized to smaller chains, but as we enter into the daring trends of Summer 2023, that has all changed. Bulky and thick chains are the new wavelength that everyone is trying. 

This past fashion season, more thick chains were spotted than ever before from fashion week, red carpets, and almost every fashionable social media influencer there is. This look can be worn out either layered, or all by itself. Shifting from thinner, more fragile chains and necklaces to a chunky chain gives a little more “oomf” to the basics. This look is popular not only with plain chains, but can be seen on pendant and charm necklaces as well. Our Love Letter Envelope Locket encompasses the new era of chunky chains with a twist!


Be spotted sporting this new trend with our Love Letter Envelope Locket.


Mixing Metals

One rule that fashion is getting rid of for this summer is matching your metals. For ages there has been the unwritten rule to never wear silver and gold together. However, mixing and matching your metal pieces is all the rave this summer. Now you can allow your metals to coexist beautifully without having to choose.

Whether you can never pick between gold and silver, or you’re afraid of trying new metals, this summer is perfect for you. Not only does this eye-catching look add depth and character, you can wear all of your favorite pieces at once. This Summer is all about daring looks and breaking boundaries. This new trend embodies just that! You can choose to mix and match your silver and golds with ring stacks, bracelets or necklaces. Layering pendants and necklaces are a popular and perfect way when wanting to stand out. 


With a pop of shimmer mixed in with this gold piece, our Cross Pendant ties with silver perfectly when mixing and matching your metals.


Chunky Rings

Make a statement this summer with a large, chunky ring. Bold statements are what 2023 is all about, and you can make one too without still drawing too much attention. This trend is  giving major retro vibes, which have been coming back for this entire summer. Whether you choose to wear a gold or silver ring, a colorful ring, or one with gemstones… a chunky ring is perfect when wanting to add some extra glam. It’s edgy but not too overpowering, and adds a contemporary vibe to any outfit.

Pair this chunky ring trend with any of your basics to amplify a simple look, your bright and patterned clothes to be bold, or evening wear to feel like a movie star. Whatever the occasion is when deciding to wear chunky rings, we love it! Since this summer is all about retro trends, our sphere ring is everything that is and more. Going back in time to the 70s and 80s, this ring encompasses the sphere like designs from the time. It is not only sleek and simple, but it adds major character to any look. Whether or not you chose to also mix your metals with this daring piece is up to you…


Make heads turn around when you wear our Sphere Secret Ring.



Playful Pendants

When summer consists of bright warm days, it’s hard to not be happy. Playful moods call for playful colors, and that’s exactly why bright colors are not only in this summer, but playful pendant designs are trending as well. Whether you choose a colorful pendant or a simple metal piece; chunky, large, and unique pendant necklaces are in this summer. These punchy pendants are replacing the dainty jewelry supremacy. Bold pendants are perfect because the delicacy and simplicity of a dainty chain still remains, but makes a loud statement with a bigger pendant piece. 

Follow the daring trends of this summer by opting for a colorful pendant necklace. Making a bold statement with a larger piece allows you to play with your style, follow trends, and add glam to any outfit! This is why a statement pendant is perfect for your personal style. Our colorful and playful deco heart lockets are perfect for every jewelry collection this summer. Not only are these unique pieces a colorful statement, the chunky pendant allows you to play with current trends while discovering and amplifying your personal style. 


Add a pop of color to your collection with our Deco Heart Lockets.



This trend is nothing new, however this summer not only is layering accessories instead of clothing much more popular but so is making a statement. Layering can be done in many different ways. If you want to partake in bold summer trends but don’t own much chunky jewelry, layering takes up that empty space and makes any look ten times more daring. You can layer with thin or chunky pieces, gold or silver or both. Or you can choose to layer rings, bracelets, or necklaces. This summer, layering necklaces and pendants is what will continue to be in style. This style is effortless yet charming. What is great about it is you get to choose what pieces you layer, going from as simple to as bold as you'd like. You can create a classy and timeless look while following this summer trend, or create a daring combination like we did by using our Engraved “Trust Yourself” Bar Pendant on top of our mixed metals stack to have some faith in your style.   


When you wear our "Trust Yourself" Engraved Bar Pendant, you'll fall in love and be confident in your stack.


While it may seem like the trends have not shifted too much from the spring; still including colorful retro inspired pieces- statement jewelry is now back. Large chains… large necklaces… LOTS of necklaces– these trends are all just big bold statements that make you stand out. There's many ways to style these pieces to balance out your look, like a thin chain with a punchy pendant- so no need to feel overwhelmed if you like simple jewelry! A simple, dainty chain swapped out for a thick chain is one way to stick with the classics but keep up with the trends. While there's many different microtrends going around right now, these are ones you can keep up with that are here to stay!

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