A lot of blush and pink jewelry pieces with barbie fortunes over a pink background Tips & Guides

Accessorize like Barbie: F&F Style

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A lot of blush and pink jewelry pieces with barbie fortunes over a pink background

We’ve all been waiting for it (at least I know I have). Finally the Barbie movie is hitting theaters next weekend, and I for one am so excited! I grew up playing with Barbies as a little girl, even had a little pink convertible car for them. My mom was all about getting me more clothes and accessories (pretty much anything she found cute) so I could style them as I wished. With this movie finally coming out, it just brings up all the memories of mom and me putting a little Barbie fashion show together. Now as I’m older I thought I could remake another little fashion show based on accessories so you can bring out the inner Barbie in you. No matter what style you have, there’s a perfectly pink piece for you.

This Barbie Loves Fortunes

The story of how Fortune and Frame came to be is a known one by now. Going from our very first piece, the Fortune Frame, that was made to hold a cherished fortune then branching out into various message holding pieces. If you’re a fortune collector that either keeps their fortunes in the case of their phones or even in a little box at home, we’ve got some perfect jewelry pieces you might be interested in. What better way to hold your fortune than in one of our own fortune cookies. Whether you want a bright vivid pink, or a softer pastel pink, we have both options for you. If you’re into a bigger show stopping locket, we recommend our Signature Fortune Cookie Locket. If you’re like me, and like a smaller locket that still catches everyone’s eye, we recommend our Medium Fortune Cookie Locket. Beautifully gold on the outside and Barbie pink on the inside, the perfect combination in my opinion. 


There's no such thing as too much pink, especially with our beautiful gold Fortune Cookie Lockets that is All color inside.

This Barbie Loves to Read

Barbie basically did it all, she was everything. From every career to every hobby, there was a Barbie made for any kid. You could decorate their doll houses however you wanted. For our Barbies that loved to read, some of the rooms in these doll houses could be converted into a little library. People today still make little books you can add to bookcases for your dollhouses, which I find incredible. If you were one of those kids that loved to read, or even had a mini library for your Barbie, well these pieces are definitely for you. Our Stardust Book Locket is cute, stylish, and best of all opens up so you can put your favorite book quote inside. If you’re more into classical books, and a more vintage look, we’ve got you covered with our Secret Diary Book Locket. Whichever option you choose, you’ll definitely be ready for the Barbie movie.


Barbie would definitely want one of these stylish books in her library. Get one of our Book Lockets so you can carry your favorite quotes close to you.

This Barbie is Obsessed with Rings

I remember seeing when Barbie came out with little rings you could buy once Barbie started expanding their line of accessories. I also remember how easy all those tiny accessories were to lose; there were definitely shoes that were missing half the pair. But as a kid playing around, it was extremely easy to misplace those tiny pieces. Now as adults, we all kind of play around with our accessories and what we think looks good on us or goes with our outfits. I for one found myself loving rings, if most of my fingers decked out in rings is anything to go by. It’s a good thing we love our pink here at Fortune & Frame, cause we have a couple of rings you can wear to go watch Barbie, or just bring out that Barbie in you. Our small, colorful and classy Fortune Cookie Rings are by far my favorite. If you want something a little more big and bold, I would recommend our Deco Heart Ring. Whichever one you choose, just make sure to put them in your trinket box or tray so you won’t misplace them!


Wear one, or choose to stack them up- our Fortune Cookie Rings and our Deco Heart Rings are sure to glam up any outfit.

This Barbie has Faith

For as long as I can remember- Barbie always had faith that everything would turn out okay, and she definitely had faith in herself seeing all the jobs, careers, and adventures she’s gone through throughout the years. For those that need a little physical reminder to continue having faith in yourself and that what’s meant to be will be, our Cross Pendants are perfect for you and they even have a little pop of color. They come in 6 different colors, but for this occasion I recommend blush or innuendo pink- definitely Barbie approved!


With our Cross Pendant you can have a physical reminder to have faith in yourself and in your journey. Beautiful to wear alone or layer it to make that pink pop.

This Barbie Loves an Arm Party

Barbie has been wearing bracelets for as long as I can remember, sometimes she’ll don just one, sometimes she’ll have a few which is definitely considered an arm party. Add to your own collection with our various string bracelets. These simple yet bright bracelets will for sure add a pop of color to your stack. Now as Barbie is quite aware, there is never such a thing as too much pink. Choose between our Fortune Cookie String Bracelet or our Wishbone String Bracelet…or why not both? 


Wear multiple bracelets to create your very own arm party. Include these colorful String Bracelets to make it more vibrant!


Don on your best pink outfits alongside your perfectly pink pieces to bring out the Barbie in you– she’ll definitely approve of the choices. The Barbie movie hits theaters on the 21st, so you have more than enough time to be prepared. Come on Barbie, let’s go party!


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