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Bye-bye Finger Swelling

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An abundance of ring boxes stacked loosely with Deco Heart Ring, Evil Eye Ring, Fortune Cookie Rings, and Sphere Secret Rings.

During those hot summer days or times when you’re indulging in a large side of french fries, sometimes you can experience that dreaded swelling in your fingers. Swelling is something that is usually impossible to prevent, and can be caused by many different things.

The most frustrating thing about it all, is the inability to find rings that fit you even when you’re having a flair up. So we’re here to share our knowledge on some reasons why you could be experiencing these discomforts and what rings to wear, no matter if your ring size fluctuates. 


Create the perfect ring stack by adding a Deco Heart Ring to your summer jewelry.

Why Do My Fingers Swell?

In many cases, swelling happens because our body is retaining water. This can occur because of dehydration, over exposure to sunlight, extensive exercise, pregnancy, too much sodium intake, or many other underlying health reasons. 

So when you’re out on a warm day, sometimes your jewelry can begin to feel very tight and uncomfortable. Especially if you are dehydrated or have been doing a lot of exercise while out in the heat. So it is best to make sure you are drinking enough water and not exposing yourself to the sun for too long without giving your body time to cool off.

Another reason that you might be experiencing that pesky swelling, is due to eating too much salt. We all like to enjoy a burger and fries every once in a while, but it can definitely cause some discomfort once your jewelry begins to feel tight. When this happens, that pinching feeling can make it difficult to take your rings off. The best and quickest way to remove them if you are experiencing swollen fingers, is to run your hand under cold water, and they should slip off with ease.

Adjustable Rings for Any Day 

It happens, those days when your fingers are swollen (no matter the reason) and it can be very frustrating when your rings just aren’t fitting you as comfortable as usual.

We get it– and that is why all of our rings are adjustable up to one full size - 5/6 and a size 7/8.  Also, all of our rings come with an adjustable back that can be accommodated to fit up to one size larger or smaller. So you can enjoy your salty foods and hot summer days without having to worry about your rings getting stuck when you’re having a flair up! 


Our message holding Secret Sphere Rings feature and adjustable sizer to keep your memories safe, and your fingers comfortable.

Ringing in the Warmer Weather 

Even though our rings can be worn at any time and during any season, we have some recommendations on what stacks would pair perfectly for the warmer months. If you want to add some bright colors to your summer look, this can be done best by wearing a Fortune Cookie Ring paired with a Vibrance Evil Eye Ring to brighten up your stack, and your soul. Another summery jewelry ring that goes great for those more vivid outfits would be a Deco Heart Ring. The Deco Hearts come in 5 different color ways – so you can personalize your rings to whatever your vibe is for the summer. If you prefer a more classic look all year round, then keep it simple with a Sphere Secret Rings. You get the best of both worlds, a bold design with a dainty appeal. The Sphere Secret Ring holds a message rolled up like a secret scroll, so you can keep those special messages close to you all summer. 


TAdd. an extra touch of radiance to your look by stacking a Vibrance Evil Eye Ring and a Fortune Cookie Ring.


Sometimes you’re going to experience swollen fingers, it happens to the best of us, but you shouldn’t have to worry about your jewelry fitting you when it does. That is why we designed our rings to be adjustable up to one size. So if you need to loosen them up during a flare up, or even just a convenient way to get them off after a long day, we have got you covered no matter the circumstance. I hope that this has influenced you to try out adjustable rings and given you some inspiration for your summer style!



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