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Gifts for the Different Personalities in Your Life

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Necklaces and lockets arranged on top of a white background

They’re always down to party, stuck with their head in a book, being the parent of the group, or even going on hiking adventures every other weekend. Above all else they are your best friends who all seem to have completely different hobbies. And it might just be that time again where you need to hunt down the perfect gifts for them.

Getting gifts to match different personalities can be a bit overwhelming when you have run out of gift ideas. It’s hard to get across just how much those rant sessions at 2 AM in the kitchen eating ice-cream over life’s latest drama means to you. So how do you portray to your bestie just how much you love them? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a guide for a few personalities you might have in your life.

For the Hopeless Romantic

This friend has a huge heart and always sees the best in people. They usually have the most positive outlook towards life amongst your group. The hopeless romantic in your life is sure to choose a Hallmark movie over the latest action-packed movie. She believes in true love and is always looking for “the one”. This friend is thoughtful, affectionate, and is sure to point out the silver lining in any predicament that you find yourself in.

Add more love into their life with our Heart Phases Charm Necklace. This necklace shows every phase of love that they will encounter along their life. It serves as a reminder that through all these phases, love wins in the end. Your hopeless romantic friend is sure to appreciate this meaningful gift.


Let your best friend know that even through all the stages of love in her life, love always finds a way with our Heart Phases Charm Necklace.

For the “Mom”

I’m sure one of your friends comes to mind when you hear the “mom” of the group. If your friend is anything like mine, she always has a whole first aid kit in her bag ready. Need tissues? Check. Something to write with? Check. A snack? Check. Allergy pills? You know she has it. They constantly take care of all the people in their lives.

For the friend that always checks up on you and takes care of you when you're at your lowest without any judgment, give them our “Let Yourself Dream Again” Engraved Bracelet. Let them know that you appreciate that they are always here for you, but you’ll be just fine while they finally put themselves first. Show them it’s okay to go after their dreams and you’ll become the “mom” friend… just this once at least.


Give your "mom" friend our "Let Yourself Dream Again" Engraved Bracelet as a little push to go focus on themselves while you cheer them on.

For the Artist

This friend is the most creative and imaginative in the group. They are independent and are not afraid to take risks. This friend finds beauty everywhere she goes and appreciates a variety of aesthetics you can’t keep track of. She makes an art out of everything she does from the outfits she puts together to her cooking to the events she helps plan. Bringing life to their ideas might not be easy or even pretty, but the result are always worth it. Show the artists in your life that you support their methods and their art with our Worth the Chaos” Engraved Pendant. We love the colors and beauty our artist friends bring to our life.


Give your artist friend our "Worth the Chaos" Engraved Pendant to let them know that they may be the most outgoing or eccentric friend, but your group wouldn't be complete without them. 

For the Bibliophile

This friend either has their head in a book or one is within arm’s reach. They already know what new books they want to get while still having a list of what books they have yet to read. They even made it to Book Tok! Their perfect day consists of staying in and reading. If they do go out then a café, park or even the library are perfect options. These friends always seem to have random knowledge on a variety of things that leaves you astounded. Add to their book collection with our Stardust Book Locket. Include a quote from their favorite book and it will become their most treasured gift.


You and your bookworm friend can match with these Stardust Book Lockets. Add a quote from a book that matches your friendship story and just watch how excited they get.

For the Traveler

This friend came back from a trip and already has another planned out. She goes with the flow and is up for any adventure. Whether they're going on a new hiking trail, planning a vacation, or even exploring a new city, it seems like this friend is always traveling. Our travelers are also independent and love learning new things from places and from people they encounter. For the friend that never says no to new experiences, our Secret Sphere + Wand Locket is the perfect gift. It’s the perfect jewelry to take on any adventure. Remind them of that memorable trip you both had with a fortune of the coordinates…or surprise her with a new one! 


Your traveling bestie might just pack her bag and yours when you give them our Secret Sphere + Wand Locket with coordinates to a new adventure.

You and your friends might be completely different from each other but you end up balancing one another out. You’ve created millions of memories with them and have shared so many details with them that they might as well be family. But no matter what personality your bestie has, there is always a perfect gift for them out there. Plus, they won’t care what the gift is, they’ll love it just because it came from you. Besides, who knows them better than their best friend?



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