Four cross necklaces placed laying staggered on a rock. Tips & Guides

The Meaning and Symbolism Behind Cross Jewelry

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Four cross necklaces placed laying staggered on a rock.

Cross necklaces have been making a resurgence in modern jewelry trends. From celebrities to outfits you see on Instagram, cross jewelry is present. Now you may be wondering, is cross jewelry only for those who are Catholic? What does a cross necklace represent? I'm here to answer all your cross jewelry questions in this post!


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A Brief History of the Cross in Jewelry

Cross jewelry was first seen back in II A.D. in the Roman Empire. This of course had to do with Christianity and represented the crucifixion of Christ. This happened once Christianity became the official religion there. Cross necklaces were a popular way for people to express their religion.

The first cross necklaces were wooden and placed on leather "necklaces". As time went on, the cross necklaces got more elaborate and crosses were then made of metals. Some even incorporated gemstones for decoration. These crosses are more like the ones we see today and are still worn by many.

What is the Meaning of the Cross in Jewelry

There is more than one meaning behind wearing cross jewelry. The most well-known is of course a Christian symbol of one’s faith. But cross jewelry can also symbolize having faith in yourself. It can be a personal piece that holds religious and/or individual meaning. Cross jewelry is a way to express yourself.

Cross jewelry is fashionable and you can wear it for whatever reason you'd like. With so many different design options, there's a way to fit in cross jewelry with any outfit or style type. It can be a small dainty piece or one that is more noticeable. Cross pieces are a good way to dress up an outfit or dress it down. 


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Symbolism of Cross Jewelry in Modern Jewelry

Personal Faith 

Personal faith is having confidence in yourself and believing that you can overcome. When you have personal faith, you are able to always stay true to who you are and live life to the fullest. It's knowing that no matter what is coming your way, you can overcome and get where you want to be.

Having faith in yourself is important. Trusting the process may seem like a daunting idea, but what’s meant to be is meant to be. You may need faith in yourself when it comes to relationships, jobs, or even life in general. What's meant to be, will be. Having faith in yourself is allowing life to take its course and not sweat the small stuff. If you believe in yourself, everything else will fall into place.

Christian Faith

In Christian Faith, cross jewelry has a big meaning. As a symbol of faith, it shows that the wearer accepts everything that Christ sacrificed. It is also a symbol of acknowledging that Jesus loves and accepts you exactly as you are. At times when you feel lost, a cross can keep you grounded. It keeps you on the right path and reminds you that anything happening is all part of the plan.

Cross jewelry is a reminder to keep the faith and allows you to stay in touch with your religion. In fact, cross jewelry can honor certain sacraments - such as weddings or first communions. It is a meaningful gift to someone who is religious and something that they will cherish.


To have hope, you need to keep the faith. No matter your religion, wearing a cross necklace can be a sign of a hopeful outlook or having hope for the future. It can be a way to let others know that you’re hopeful or to keep the meaning with you whenever you need it. 

If you feel like you are losing all hope, a cross necklace can be something you buy for yourself. It can serve as a symbol that this too will pass. You can pick yourself back up and see better days ahead. Hope is a very personal sentiment, and there's no better way to honor it than with jewelry. Hope is never lost, even when it feels like it's not there. Allow a cross necklace to remind you of that.

Who Can You Buy Cross Jewelry For?

You can buy cross jewelry for whoever you'd like. As mentioned above, cross jewelry is a popular gift for Christian religious sacraments. It can serve as a reminder of the day and also inspire them to continue with their faith. You can also cross jewelry to someone who got christened - even if it's a baby. The jewelry is something they can either grow into or can become a family heirloom that they pass on.

Crosses represent hope and love, making them a gift for friends or significant others. A cross jewelry piece is a great pick-me-up gift for someone who is feeling down. It reminds them to have faith in themselves and that everything will work out.

Cross jewelry also makes a good gift for anyone in your life who is starting a new chapter of their life. New chapters are scary, especially when they involve big changes and decisions. Give them reassurance that they are on the right road and making the right choice. Since personal faith is so important, this is a way to encourage them to keep believing in themselves. Give them reassurance that they are on the right road and making the right choice.


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Can Anyone Wear a Cross Necklace?

Yes! Anyone can wear a cross necklace. The wearer can adopt one of the traditional meanings of cross jewelry or they can make it their own. There is no need to feel that to wear a cross necklace you have to be a part of a certain religion. It can be representative of your own personal journey and the faith you need to have in yourself. Cross jewelry can mean anything you want it to - even if it’s a fashion statement or goes with your outfit. 

There are many different types of cross necklaces, which makes it easy to find one that fits who you are. You can go for a basic metal cross or one that has embellishments. There are a variety of different chains and colors - allowing you to find one for whoever you are purchasing for.


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