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The Meaning and Symbolism Behind Fortune Cookies

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Girl in denim jacket and white shirt wearing a fortune cookie locket that is blush colored inside.

If you’re anything like me, fortune cookies determine your fate. When I’m looking for answers or need a little inspiration, I love to break one open and see what’s inside. To me, it’s the right message at the right time. Out of every single fortune cookie that I could have opened, I picked one at random and it held a message. It gives me a sense that I needed to hear the message. Even if it wasn't made for me, it was something that I needed to hear.

Learning the history and symbolization of fortune cookies makes each message more meaningful. In this post, I’m going to take you through everything about fortune cookies. You too can welcome messages that bring you good fortune.


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A Brief History of Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies originated in Japan. In the United States, they are often associated with Chinese culture. Senbei, a Japanese cracker, made of sesame and soy sauce, was produced in Kyoto Japan in the 19th century. These crackers had messages in the center of them, like fortune cookies. 

Japanese immigrants began to make Senbei in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the 1900s. At the same time, Chinese restaurants did not have many desserts to offer. They then began to make the senbei crackers for customers. Around the time of World War II, fortune cookies became popular among soldiers. Chinese-Americans were able to mass-produce fortune cookies when Japanese-Americans got sent to internment camps.

What Do Fortune Cookies Symbolize?

Fortune Cookies symbolize luck, wisdom, fate, and all that is unknown. This all comes from the fortune that is inside. The message in your cookie is for you. Out of every single fortune cookie that you could’ve picked, you picked that one. Whether you're looking for some advice or a little luck, you can interpret the message any way you want.

An empty fortune cookie may be disappointing, but what it means isn’t. There are two popular beliefs about what an empty fortune cookie means but don't worry, both are good.

The first is that you will soon have something good happen to you. The reasoning behind this is that you are now owed a fortune and it will be repaid to you with a good event.

The second is that your fortune is a blank slate. You are in control of your own future and are able to take the reins and make what you want to happen, happen. You have everything you need to move forward and bring in good energy. Although it may be a little less fun, no fortune is nothing to worry about. It doesn’t mean that you have no future or luck. Instead, it is something to embrace and get ready to see the change you need.


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What Do the Lucky Numbers on Fortune Cookies Mean?

The lucky numbers on fortune cookies can have many meanings. It all depends on how you decide to use and interpret the numbers. Some people will use these numbers to play the lottery, in hope that they will win. Others will make sure to look out for those numbers in everyday life. They may signify a date or time that something lucky will happen.

You can also make lucky numbers your own. If one of the numbers on your fortune is 8, you can search out things with the number 8. The amusement park ride cars you get on, license plates, phone numbers, and house numbers. This can become a superstition of ours if you feel the number speaks to you.

There are so many different fortune cookie fortunes that you may receive. They may be quotes or words of wisdom.  Some of my favorites are:

  • “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” - William Shakespeare
  • “You are not what you’ve done. You are what we keep doing.” - Jack Butcher 
  • “You can’t do everything by yourself. It’s okay to ask for help.” 
  • “If the thing your focusing on makes you unhappy, focus on something else.” 
  • “Not from the future: I’m not intimidated by your past.”
  • “Unlearn everything that you aren’t. Relearn everything that you are.”
  • “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” - Coco Chanel
  • “Being patient is less about waiting things out until you get your way, and more about being tolerant of what is.”
  • “Unbecome everything that isn’t you. Become everything that is.” 
  • “Keep looking for the lessons even when you don’t think you need them.” 

These are a few of so many meaningful fortune cookie fortunes. Our Fortune Cookie Lockets can hold whatever fortune or message is meaningful to you. To find some more, check out our fortune gallery.


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Still have some more questions about fortune cookies? I’ve got you covered.

Are Fortune Cookies True?

Fortune cookies are true, but not in the way many people think. The message on the paper isn’t going to magically come true because you’ve opened it. But instead, you can see it as the right message at the right time. It can give you the proper guidance to the future and allow for manifestation.

Sometimes the words on the fortune aren’t even something that's going to come true. They might be something you need to hear. It can be the inspiration you need to start something new or words to remind you you're on the right path. Your fortune cookie may be holding the right message that you need.

So yes, fortune cookies are true as long as you are opening your own mind and heart. Welcome the words in and find out what they mean to you.


Do You Eat the Fortune Cookie First?

Everyone has a different method when it comes to this. Some people like to see their fortune right away, while others like to wait and eat the cookie first. Whatever feels right to you is the way to go. It’s your fortune and your future.

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