Girl wearing a jeweled heart locket and bracelet with her arm crossing her chest. Tips & Guides

The Meaning and Symbolism Behind Heart Jewelry

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Girl wearing a jeweled heart locket and bracelet with her arm crossing her chest.

Do you ever wonder how the heart became such a beloved symbol when it comes to jewelry? We've got you covered!

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A Brief History of the Heart in Jewelry

The heart symbol is one of the most well-known images. You can see it as an emoji and on every Valentine’s Day ad. The human heart has an association with feelings and emotions, which plays into love. Although, the heart organ looks different from the heart symbol we know. The heart symbol was first seen back in the 13th century. Thibaut used the heart symbol in his poem Roman de la Poire. Even though it was upside down in comparison to the symbol we use today, it became a way to express love. It wasn’t until the 14th century that the heart symbol started to look like the one we use today.

The heart symbol has become a very popular design for jewelry and is a great gift to give when you want to express love. You can also wear it when you want to show love. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings all can incorporate hearts. There are so many different meanings behind the heart in jewelry that it can fit any occasion.


Pictured Heart + Arrow Locket (gold)

What is the Meaning of Hearts in Jewelry?

You can find heart jewelry in many different varieties. The heart may be one symbol, but there are many different ways to interpret it. Based on what it means to you, you can express it in different ways.  What a heart means to you during one period of your life, can change depending on where you are in life. It can differ based on relationship status, where you're living, or who has entered or left your life. With many different styles, you can find heart jewelry that fits any phase of life.


Pictured Deco Heart Locket (ivory & turquoise)

Open Hearts

Open hearts in jewelry can symbolize the heart of the person who is receiving the piece. The open heart is their own heart, accepting the love that is being given to them. But it doesn’t always have to do with romance. You can also view it as having an open heart and being accepting of those around you. You can even make this a piece that you get for yourself. It can remind you to accept love and give love. Keep your heart open and don’t give up. When you have an open heart, you are allowing good things to come your way.

Broken Hearts

No, we don’t mean a broken heart after a breakup. Broken heart necklaces are a great way to give a piece of your heart away to your other half. When you buy them, you get two pieces and you are free to give one away to whoever you want. This could be a friend, family member, or a significant other. Sometimes these necklaces will have writing on them (“best” on one half and “friends” on the other) or they are plain.  When you’re apart from one another, you’ll each have a half, but when you’re together, you can make one part. This type of heart jewelry represents not being "whole" until you are with your other half.

Heart Lockets With A Message

Heart lockets are one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry. Lockets allow you to open them up and place an import memento inside. A small note, phrase, or picture are only three types of objects that can go in lockets. Whatever the wearer places in a locket is something they want to keep close to them at all times. If you’re the one giving a heart locket, add in a special message to the receiver. It makes the locket personal and unique to your relationship. You can either place handwritten/typed messages in lockets or have them engraved. Heart lockets are meaningful and allow for full customization.

Heart + Arrow

The heart + arrow symbol has to do with Cupid. Cupid’s arrow through a heart means that one got "struck" with love. Giving someone a heart + arrow piece of jewelry is a way to say that they have completely stolen your heart. The heart + arrow represents deep love and is very romantic. If you have received a heart + arrow piece of jewelry, you should feel honored.  This means that the person who gave it to you loves you very much. You have captured their heart and they wanted to show that to you. If you are the one giving the heart + arrow jewelry, you should let the receiver know that. With the Heart + Arrow locket, you can add in a fortune to drive the message home. 

Heart + Bandaid

Hearts can break and hearts can heal. Heart jewelry doesn’t always have to express being in love. It can also be a reminder of your healing and how far you have come. A heart and bandaid pendant set is also a great gift for a friend or loved one who is getting over a heartbreak. It serves as a reminder that they will feel better and you’ll be there to help them patch it back together. you can incorporate both pieces into a necklace stack. When worn together, it symbolizes the process of healing your heart.

Mending Hearts

When you’re on the mend, everything is starting to feel better, but the pain is still there. You’ve come far from where you started, but you’re still picking up the pieces. Jewelry with a mending heart symbol attached to it honors where you are when it comes to healing. A mending heart necklace is a great way to let a friend know you are there for them after a heartbreak. This type of jewelry doesn't have to be a gift either. It can be a piece of personal jewelry that you get to honor yourself. It’s all about appreciating where you are and that there are better days ahead.


Pictured Bandaid Charm Ring, Bandaid Pendant Necklace, and Mending Heart Pendant

Heart Jewelry in Modern Jewelry

Heart Jewelry is still very popular when it comes to modern jewelry.  You can wear heart jewelry as something personal, or it can also be a piece of decorative jewelry. Modern heart jewelry doesn't come in only one style -- it can be dainty or something more extravagant. You can dress it up or dress it down, it's whatever works best for you.

Since heart jewelry is still a popular piece, it is very easy to find. You can find it in all different colors, designs, and price ranges. There is a "heart" for everyone and it is a great way to give your love by materializing it.

Who Can You Buy Heart Jewelry For?

You can buy heart jewelry for anyone. Since hearts signify love, people associate them with romantic relationships. But there are all kinds of different forms of love. Whether it be for yourself, friends, or family, you can express love to anyone. A heart can take on any meaning that you want it to and you can buy it for anyone special in your life. Love should not be reserved for one type of relationship and should be expressed more freely.


Pictured Heart Phases Charm Bracelet and Sacred Heart Charm Ring


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