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The Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

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The Secret Fortune Candles, Gift boxes, Deco Heart Ring, Jeweled Heart Necklace, Jeweled Heart Bracelet, Sacred Heart Earrings, and Sacred Heart Ring displayed together.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it's time to start making those final decisions on what exactly you’re going to give the special woman in your life this year. Whether you're gifting to your Mom, Grandma, Aunt, or whoever you deem an influential mother figure, it's important to get her something that she will truly love. 

We get it, it can be difficult to put into words just how much you love and appreciate her. To help ease you in the process, we have compiled a short and sweet gift guide to help you with your decision. We hope these 9 Mother’s Day gift ideas can help you get inspired!

For the Mom Who Supports Your Dreams

If your mom is anything like mine, then she is always offering you her little piece of advice no matter the decision you're making. Whether you are picking up a new hobby or moving across the country, she is always there to let you know that you can do anything you put your mind to. 

There is no better way to return the inspiration then with a Secret Fortune Candle and a Heart + Arrow Fortune Locket. The “Let yourself dream again” candle paired with a heart warming message is a great gift for any mother who might be needing a little bit of encouragement for her own journey. 


A Heart + Arrow Fortune Locket and a Secret Fortune Candle will make your mom smell good and feel good.

For the Mom and Daughter Best Friend Relationship

If you and your mom have that BFF relationship where you tell each other anything and everything, then this Jeweled Heart Locket and Pendant Gift Set might just be the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day. She gets the locket that holds a special message from you to her, and you get the Jeweled Hearts Pendant to hold her love with you wherever you go. This mommy and me set is the stylish twist on the iconic friendship necklace that any heartfelt mother is sure to love.


The Jeweled Heart Locket and Pendant gift set is the dynamic duo that we didn't know we needed.

For the Mama Bear

If your mom has crazy accurate intuition, is very protective over the people she cares about, and loves all of her children unconditionally, then your mom might just be a Mama Bear. Having a Mama Bear for a mother is the best feeling because she is always there for you and wants the best for all of her children. 

To show her how protected she makes you feel, a With you I am home” candle paired with a MAMA Letter Necklace would definitely tug at her heartstrings. And if you want to complete her look, pairing it with a Sacred Heart Charm Ring and a Heart + Arrow Fortune Locket will add that extra touch of love to any gift.


A "With you, I am home." Secret Fortune Candle and the MAMA Letter Necklace are the ideal gifts for the mama bear in your life.

For the Mom Who Encourages You on Your Journey

Does your mom always tell you to go after your dreams and to pursue whatever makes you happy? Then she definitely needs a “Dare BIG, fear small” candle so she can be reminded to go after her own dreams too. Paring this Stone Rose and Cashmere scented candle with a Pink Fortune Cookie Locket or a Medium Gold Fortune Cookie Locket is sure to make the mother figure in your life feel just as special as she makes you feel.


Remind your mom what she means to you with an innuendo pink Fortune Cookie Locket for her - and one for you, too.


Whether you consider your mom your best friend or your MAMA Bear, a sentimental gift from you to her is sure to make her feel special. It can be difficult to decide exactly what type of present fits her personality the best, but we hope these 9 Mother’s Day gift ideas can lead you in the right direction on what you should get your mom this year.

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