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26 fortunes — letting-go

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Let go and let the flow.

–  Jenna Dewan

Whatever happens around you,
don't take it personally... Nothing
other people do is because you.
It's because of themselves.

–  Don Miguel Ruiz

You can’t truly heal from a loss
until you allow yourself to
really feel the loss.

–  Mandy Hale

Trust the wait.
Enjoy not knowing.

Let go and let the
universe do its thing.

Everything's gonna be cool.

Love bad things from
a good distance.

Some things are just too
heavy to haul around.

Flow with things rather than
insist they flow with you.

Let there be no confusion:
Things are unfolding exactly
as they should.

Nature is self-correcting.
Let it do its thing.

Things don't always go the way
you planned. fortunately.

Don't take the bait.

If it's supposed to, it will.

Just because you love something
doesn't make it right for you.

You're allowed to feel however you
want. But must you always act on it?

Do your thing.
Let other people do theirs.

You can't force a thing to work
when it's not supposed to.

Not getting what you want usually
gives you information that you need.

Marvel at what happens when
you stop interfering.

You don't need to figure it
out right now.

Let things unfold.
Relinquish control.

The silent person isn't thinking
what you think he is. You are.

Innocence is bliss.

Master living in a perpetual state
of not knowing. You are here.

You simply haven't lived until
you've learned to let go.