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If I consider myself comfortable
in something, then that's not
exactly where I want to be.

–  Yael Groblas

I take all of my life lessons, which
some people might call 'mistakes,'
and apply them to my future so
I keep growing.

–  Kimberly Caldwell

Living in the constant unexpected.

–  Blake Lively

Happiness is not something
that just comes to you.
It's an active process.

–  Kate Hudson

You have to be where you are
to get where you need to go.

–  Amy Poehler

If everything was perfect,
you would never learn and
you would never grow.

–  Beyonce

Life will give you whatever experience
is most helpful for the evolution
of your consciousness.

–  Eckhart Tolle

It’s not about the goal or the dream
you have. It’s about who you become
on your way to that goal.

–  Rachel Hollis

I have never met an interesting
person who had an easy life.

–  Robin Arzon

I may not be where I want to be
but I’m thankful for not being
where I used to be.

–  Habeeb Akande

Whatever happens around you,
don't take it personally... Nothing
other people do is because you.
It's because of themselves.

–  Don Miguel Ruiz

Grace means that all of your
mistakes now serve a purpose
instead of serving shame.

–  Brene Brown

You attract what you are ready for.

Shared by Lauren East Anderson

Nothing can dim the light
that shines from within.

–  Maya Angelou

Self-reverence, self-knowledge,
self-control... These three alone
lead to power.

–  Lord Alfred Tennyson

Life shrinks or expands in
proportion to one’s courage.

–  Anais Nin

To thine own self be true.

–  William Shakespeare

Consistently put yourself in
situations that reveal what
you're made of.

The wound is the place
where the light enters you.

–  Rumi

Everything in the universe is
within you. Ask all from yourself.

–  Rumi

Say yes, then figure it out.

If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it,
change your attitude.

–  Maya Angelou

Every day, in every way,
I am getting better
and better.

Shared by Erik Mumford

Everything in life is just a season.

Shared by Rachel Caygill

Speak good things about yourself
into existence.

Decide for yourself who you are.
No one else gets to make that
decision for you.

Follow what calls you.

Be humble and proud of yourself
at the same time.

Evolve as a human.

Change comes from embracing the future,
not fighting your past.

Decisions don't determine right
and wrong. They determine outcomes.

Recognize yourself in others.

Self Acceptance > Self Improvement

If you want to grow,
you have to be willing to learn.

Be kind to other human beings.

Learn to be right in a way that doesn't
rely on someone else to be wrong.

Don't let anyone forever preserve
you in a place in life that you
were simply passing through.


Good instincts are worthless
if you don't follow them.

Edit your life.

Somewhere beneath all those
distracting details is the
best version of you.

Everyone you'll ever meet is smarter
about something than you are.

Be unwilling to lie to yourself.

Everything and everyone
is your teacher.

I don't care how smart, rich,
attractive or powerful you are.
Just be kind and we'll be good.

Your instincts know things
before you do. Trust them.

Note from the future:
I'm not intimidated by your past.

Take nothing personally.

Practice not-so-random
acts of discipline.

If you're not where you want to be,
don't stay there for too long.

Sit around and wait for happiness to
find you. Just kidding. Get up and
fight for it for dear life.

Unlearn everything that you aren't.
Relearn everything that you are.

Caring what other people think about
you isn't a weakness. It's accepting it
as fact that gets you in trouble.

Be a product of your decisions,
not your circumstances.

Go after what you want or
be happy with what you get.

Design the version of yourself
you want to be. Then be it.

Being patient is less about waiting
things out until you get your way, and
more about being tolerant of what is.

Unbecome everything that isn't you.
Become everything that is.

Take no for an answer.

Pay attention to the patterns.

Make less time for life's garbage.

Being right all of the time is boring.

Make mistake. Repeat.
Make mistake. Repeat.
Make mistake. Do something different.

Follow your hunches.
explore your doubts.

Learn to say "I don't know" and
inherit the knowledge of the world.

Consistency is the key to mastery.

When you make a decision,
you commit to its journey.

The only way to get there
is to decide to.

Do first. Talk second.

Make sure to do what you love,
not just what you're good at.

Win like a rookie.
Lose like a pro.

Do your thing.
Let other people do theirs.

Redefine everything.

Don't fall into a role created by
someone else. You're a natural
at the one you've got.

You are better than your
knee-jerk reactions.

Be really great at taking criticism.

Let disruption and discomfort
be your guides.

Be better at being wrong.

Not getting what you want usually
gives you information that you need.

Roadblocks emerge to either stop
you or reroute you. It's up to you
whether to break through them
or yield their quiet instruction.

When doing something doesn't work,
do something different instead.

Keep looking for the lessons even
when you don't think you need them.

Consider that the opposite of
your theory is true.

Don't confuse the learning
tool with the lesson.

Change the way you look at things.
They'll return the favor.

Learn as much from joy
as you do from pain.