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Trust you're stardust.
Trust your stardust.

Shared by Mary Smaagaard

If you are not living this moment,
you are not really living.

–  Eckhart Tolle

You can only lose something
that you have, but you cannot
lose something that you are.

–  Eckhart Tolle

Forget the past.
Look forward to the future.
For the best things are yet to come.

–  Unknown

Lead with love and kindness.

–  Ashley Graham

I made a conscious decision to
live my life the best way I could.

–  Keira Knightley

Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from your own actions.

–  Dalai Lama

Everything has beauty,
but not everyone can see.

–  Confucius


Change the way you look at things.
They'll return the favor.

Accept all experiences as
potentially good.

Don't focus on the tributary
when you need to focus on the lake.

Be easily awed,
not easily impressed.

Do things on purpose.

Adjust your eyes.
See the same things differently.

Heighten your vibes.
Lighten your strides.

Be unwilling to lie to yourself.

I don't care how smart, rich,
attractive or powerful you are.
Just be kind and we'll be good.

It's good to be prepared,
but stay open to surprises.

Win your mind.
Win your life.

Practice not-so-random
acts of discipline.

Don't write off good advice from
people who have had bad experiences.

Mad is easier than sad,
but it's far less effective.

Don't take credit for your talents.
Take credit for how you use them.

Be the ____________ you
want to see in the world.

Being patient is less about waiting
things out until you get your way, and
more about being tolerant of what is.

Stay focused.

You will see it when you believe it.

Be slow to respond,
not quick to react.

Pay attention to where your
mind wanders when you
allow it to wonder.

Don't be in a hurry in the short
term for things you want to last
for the long term.

Take no for an answer.

Switch your frequency.

Master your worries.

Being right all of the time is boring.

Pretend it's your first time.

Brand new ancient proverb:
Be warm inside even when the
temperature outside is cold.

More money only solves the less
money problem. Nothing else.

Give to give. Not to get.

Love everything.
everything will love you back.

Act with purpose.

The quiet speaks volumes.

Be quiet. Hear more.

The truth is not confusing.

You're allowed to feel however you
want. But must you always act on it?

Guilt serves no purpose.

Identify with everything.
Align with nothing.

People have different opinions
than you. Let them.

Don't just plant a seed and
let it grow: take pleasure
in its growth.

It's all in your head.

Use your power for good.

Change your mind.

Nothing means anything until
you make something of nothing.

Beware the grand gesture.

Consider that the opposite of
your theory is true.

Don't make up your mind until
you're good and ready. Feel
free to change it after that.

Change the way you look at things.
They'll return the favor.

The silent person isn't thinking
what you think he is. You are.

Instincts are habitual, knee-jerk
reactions. (Trust sometimes.) Intuition
is your link to infinite wisdom.
(Trust all of the time.)

You can't tell what someone's
feeling on the inside by what
they're showing on the outside.

Don't expect what you see in your mind
to look the same in the mind of others.

First impressions are overrated.
It's not that they can't be accurate.
It's that they're often based on
things that don't matter.