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34+ Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Worth

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A girl with red hair smiling while wearing our Signature Fortune Cookie Locket in gold.

Now’s the perfect time to reconnect to the power within you. Start by saying positive affirmations to boost your confidence and self-worth. 

Becoming more confident in life is one of the keys to developing the best version of yourself. As with any journey to self-betterment, it starts from within. There is no greater way to begin than with positive and uplifting affirmations. Below, we will explore the process of appreciating yourself and building up your self-confidence.

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What is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is the inner knowledge of your own abilities and skills. You fully trust and accept yourself, all while knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Sounds easy enough, but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. What is self-confidence? Have you ever found yourself questioning every decision and doubting yourself no matter what? If you have, you are definitely not alone. I’ve been there too. I was indecisive in my decision-making, and the fear of the unknown held me back on more than one occasion. It wasn’t until I became exhausted from my own behavior that I started to look for answers to this problem. It turns out that it had more to do with my confidence (or lack thereof) all that time. I’m sure you’re well aware of the saying “Confidence is Key”. As cliche as it may sound, it’s true. Everything changed for me once I started to work on my confidence daily. That’s because who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go are all influenced by your beliefs about yourself and your abilities. 

Depending on how you were brought up and your unique circumstances, being confident in yourself can take some inner work and patience. Going from “I can’t” to “I CAN” is a journey sprinkled with kind and positive self-talk.

Read on to discover how you can build your confidence, self-love, and self-worth with the help of 34+ affirmations for confidence.


How do Positive Affirmations Increase Confidence?

It may sound kind of weird at first, but yes, the act of simply saying daily affirmations for confidence can definitely increase your confidence. Affirmations work by challenging self-limiting beliefs and negative thinking with positive words and statements. Spoken aloud or written, they can create a new pattern of positive thinking.

You see, there’s power in the words you speak, especially to yourself. When you consistently make affirmations a part of your life you will train your mind to choose positive thoughts, improve your mood, elevate your outlook on life, and of course - boost your confidence.

Yes, all of these benefits just from speaking positive affirmations for confidence each and every day. 

5 Positive Affirmations to Increase Confidence

Confidence boosting affirmations are the first step to naturally-occurring positive self-talk and a small way to build your self-worth and confidence.

The following 5 confidence-boosting affirmations are written in the present tense to position what you desire to be true about your life or yourself as though it were already true.

So, repeat after me as you start your day... 

  • I am brave and I choose to be the architect of my life. 
  • I have the power to change myself.
  • I trust myself to make great decisions. 
  • I am beautiful, radiant, and bright.
  • I inhale confidence and exhale fear.
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    How does knowing your self-worth lead to confidence? 

    Self-worth is a measure of how you value yourself as a person--and as a result, what you believe you deserve. When you look within and ask yourself simple questions such as: Do I deserve respect? Do I deserve love? Do I deserve kindness? The answers to each one of these questions have more to do with you than external qualities. For example, you wouldn’t say to yourself “No, I don’t deserve love because I’m not rich.” You also wouldn’t say, “Yes, I deserve love because I’m attractive.”

    When you value yourself for who you are, you think “I deserve to be loved because I am worthy, I am kind, and I am loveable.” It all comes down to the belief that you are always good enough regardless of external factors. 

    Understanding your value requires looking inward, examining all of your qualities, and appreciating who you are as a person. This inner work is crucial because external validation will never lead to a strong foundation of self-worth and self-confidence. 

    Start this work by asking yourself: What are my best qualities? What can I work on to become a better person? Instead of looking at yourself with a critical and judgemental eye, treat yourself as though you are one of your friends. Show yourself plenty of compassion and kindness throughout the whole process.

    As you take your time to learn about your special qualities, you can also work on building up your self-worth little by little through self-worth affirmations. These mantras are a good way to constantly remind yourself that you are already a whole and wonderful person, who is deserving of love and respect. Ultimately this knowledge will come to you naturally, but these affirmations will reinforce it to you in the meantime.


    Positive Affirmations to Increase Self-Worth 

        • I love and respect myself.
        • I approve of myself.
        • I am proud of my uniqueness.
        • Love flows to me and through me with ease.
        • My heart is full of love and goodness.
        • I am deserving of happiness, peace, love, and success.
        • I feel at peace with my appearance.
        • I love being myself.
        • I am worthy of my dreams.
        • I radiate confidence, self-respect, and inner harmony.
        • I attract wonderful people into my life.
        • Self-appreciation and self-love come to me with ease.
        • I choose self-love now. Nothing stands in the way. 
        • I am true to myself.
        • I am infinite, eternal, and loved.

    Which affirmations are the most powerful?

    All affirmations are powerful in their own way and can help you become a better person. But when it comes to changing a pattern of negative self-talk, you’ll need a different type of affirmation.

    Negative self-talk isn’t just surface level. Over time it becomes deeply ingrained into your subconscious. Those same negative words that were said in one moment are also words you’ll soon accept as facts about yourself. As a result, you’ll end up losing your confidence, self-esteem, and increasing self-doubt. So, how can you reverse these negative thoughts about yourself and improve your confidence? You can start saying powerful self-love affirmations.

    There’s a reason why self-love affirmations are so popular today. A more positive view of yourself is a great way to boost your confidence. Once you accept and appreciate who you are, you will start believing that you’re capable of doing amazing things in your life. These powerful affirmations below set your mind on the right track to replacing negative, doubt-filled self-talk with gentle reminders to love yourself completely.

    14 Self-Love Affirmations

        • I am grateful that I am me. 
        • I believe in myself. 
        • I am enough.
        • I am strong and capable. 
        • I am worthy of love, capable of receiving love and giving love freely. 
        • I am passionate. I am outrageously enthusiastic and inspire others.
        • I believe in my abilities and express my true self with ease.
        • I am unique, special, and remarkable.
        • I love myself deeply, unconditionally, completely, and fully.
        • My power is unlimited.
        • I am kind and loving. I am compassionate and truly care for others.
        • I recognize the many good qualities I have.
        • I love and respect myself.
        • My thoughts and opinions are valuable.


    How to Use Affirmations to Increase Confidence

    Now it’s time to put your new knowledge to good use toward building your self-worth and confidence. Actively integrating powerful affirmations for confidence into your daily routine gives you an easy tool for silencing old patterns of negative self-talk and replacing them with positivity. 

    So, how can you do this? Here are three ways:

    Speak it - Say your favorite affirmations aloud with conviction. Do this once in the morning and evening by repeating one affirmation aloud 5 times. The point here is to ingrain these words into your head so they’re always there to fall back on when the negative self-talk tries to take over.

    Write it - Use a notebook to write the affirmation over and over again on each line. Continue until the page is full. This will help you absorb the words in a different way. The goal is for them to become second nature to you.

    Wear it and repeat it - Wear your favorite affirmation close to your heart. Read and repeat it aloud throughout the day. 

    When you commit to doing these exercises every day, your positive affirmations will boost your mood, make you more self-aware and empower you on your way to elevating your self-worth and confidence. 

    So what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now.  

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