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Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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Shown here: Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Moms.

You know the saying, “Mom knows best?” Somehow, that’s almost always true with my mom. It’s like she knows the answers to life’s most confusing questions. For as long as I can remember, my mom has put my sister and I on the top of her priority list. When I was a kid, she showed up to every one of my school orchestra concerts, and to this day, she’ll spend hours cooking homemade food every time I come to visit—and then stuffs containers filled with ready-to-go meals into my suitcase to take home.

Her name, “Nuoi”, means “daughter” in Chinese. Like me, she’s the youngest of her siblings and was really close to her mom growing up. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from her leading by example is to always try to find the good in every situation. Even through hard times, she’ll focus on the one thing that’s positive, and encourage me to also.

These are just little snippets of our mother-daughter relationship, but I can keep on going. In short, there’s no one quite like my mom. During the holiday season, she'll always say she doesn’t want anything (more on that in a minute), but how could I not gift her a present? The trouble is finding her something that’s meaningful. If you, too, are thinking the same, read on for our take on Christmas gift ideas for moms

The Guide

We’ve categorized this guide based on different mom “types” but of course, there are limitless mom personalities. That’s where our fortunes come in: you can choose a custom saying for your mom, whether it be an inside joke or a lyric to her favorite song. If you need a little inspiration, read on for our quote recommendations to accompany each piece of jewelry. Happy gift-giving!

Gifts for the Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything


For an extra thoughtful touch, include a pack of five fortune message refills (that come in a mini story booklet) so she can always swap it out to fit the moment and mood she’s in.

I’ve actually stopped asking my mom what she wants for Christmas, her birthday, Mother’s Day, and every other occasion since the answer is always the same. She doesn’t want anything except to spend more time together. A family dinner will do. But I always end up giving her a material gift also as it’s an expression of love. 

Although her style is more minimalistic, I’ve found presents to suit her in the past, like instead of makeup, I’ll gift her skincare. When it comes to jewelry, I wouldn’t gift her chandelier earrings, but rather, a necklace such as our Fortune Cookie Locket since it’s more in line with what she would wear. The medium size version is dainty yet still a statement—and it opens up to reveal a scrolled fortune. 

A few message ideas…

  • “Mommy guilt is invented nonsense.” —Anne Hathaway
  • “Happiness is seeing your mom smile.”
  • “Simple but significant.”
  • “I love being my mom’s daughter.”
  • “I am so grateful to have you as my mom.”


Gifts for the Maximalist Mom

Like most of our pieces, our Sphere Secret Ring comes in silver and gold colors.

On the other hand, there are plenty of moms out there who prefer a bolder style. Maybe she’s more like a best friend than a parental figure, or a mix of both. Perhaps she’s the one who taught you not to be afraid to be yourself and to always live life to your fullest. 

If your mom is a maximalist, a fun idea could be to host an in-person or Zoom party for her on Christmas. If you’ve been looking for a way to show her how much she means to you, you can make the celebration special by adding a theme to match her interests. Does she love the 1920s era? Maybe do a speakeasy-style cocktail party complemented by jazz tunes and the gift of our Sphere Secret Ring. Back in America’s Prohibition days, the Eighteenth Amendment banned the transport, production, and sale of alcohol, but that didn’t stop folks from going out. Women dressed up and accessorized with bold rings and a cocktail in hand, hence where the style name apparently came from. 

To go with the ring (and theme of the party, if you so choose), add a quote to go inside like…

  • “More is more and less is a bore.” —Iris Apfel
  • "Be bold. Be brave. Be true.”
  • "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." —Winston Churchill
  • “Your love gives me confidence to be myself.”
  • "Stay gold.” 


Gifts for the Mom Who Always Gives Wise Advice


Our Capsule + Wand Locket is inspired by vintage jewelry that once held perfume, messages and keepsakes.

Have a mom who’s your unofficial therapist? There are many moms out there who, nope, don’t have a sixth sense in telling the future but always seems to know the answer to anything and everything. If you’re going through a dilemma on work, love, or life in general, the mom who always gives wise advice will tell you to pull up a chair and hear you out. Then, she’ll know exactly the right words to say—it’ll be something honest and she won’t make the decision for you, but will help guide you in the right direction.

Sound like your mom? If so, our Capsule + Wand Locket may be for her. It’s similar to the shape of a message in a bottle, which can store your most sacred thoughts. Writing your worries—or even just an inspiring quote—and sharing it with her can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. 

Need a few ideas? You can say something along these lines...

  • “I love you, mom.”
  • “Everything that I am, you helped me to be.”
  • “Home is where your mom is.”
  • “Happiness is seeing your mom smile.”
  • “First my mother, forever my friend.”
  • “Mom: I love you and your super long voicemails.”


Gifts for the Mom Who Loves to Cook


Another Christmas gift idea: pair this Honeycomb Fortune Locket with a homemade dessert made just for your mom.

Do your mom’s eyes light up at the chance to spend an afternoon in the kitchen preparing your favorite meal? Does she live by the rules of a cookbook or spend her free time writing down homemade recipes? Maybe she loves to bake desserts like cinnamon apple crumb pie or oatmeal raisin cookies.

Food is more than just fuel for energy, it’s comfort for the soul. 

Although it’s easy to say “Mommmmm, I don’t feel like having an extra helping of veggies or I’m skipping dinner at home tonight since I’m eating out,” just know that her cooking or providing food is likely coming from a place of love. 

As for Christmas presents for moms who are foodies, look to our Honeycomb Fortune Locket, one of our personalized locketswhich features a mini hexagon pattern. Like bees who work hard to create honey, cooking can be a labor of love. Show her your appreciation with a note inside such as...

  • “The best memories are around the table.”
  • “Cooking is love made visible.”
  • “Food + Family = Love”
  • “Kitchens are made to bring families together.”
  • “The secret ingredient is always love.”


Gifts for the Mom Who’s a Travel Enthusiast

For a personal touch, add the coordinates of a place you traveled to with your mom in our Sphere + Wand Locket.

Are some of the favorite memories with your mom from family vacations? Traveling with someone—whether it be a relative, friend, or partner—can test your relationship as you navigate a new place together. Or perhaps your mom has already crossed off countless destinations on her bucket list before you were born. Maybe you even know her stories by heart since she’s told you a million times about how she caught a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Iceland, ventured on a safari in Africa, or made friends with elephants in Thailand.

This holiday season, let her know how much you value her sense of adventure with a gift like our Sphere + Wand Locket. The circular shape looks like a little globe and opens up to, yes, reveal a message inside. 

For more message ideas, you can always go with:

  • “Mom, thank you for being my anchor in this stormy sea of life.”
  • “The love between a mother and daughter knows no distance.”
  • “Adventure is worthwhile.” —Aesop
  • “Side by side or miles apart, we will always be connected by our hearts.”
  • “Wander often, wonder always.”


Gifts for the Mom Who Treasures Keepsakes

A frame that holds fortunes? Yes, it exists.

Does your mom have a living room filled with framed photos everywhere of you and your family members? 

We’re talking about the type of mom who’s lovingly a hoarder and as a result, has one too many things in the house. She treasures objects that remind her of fond memories and secretly love gifts although she would tell her kids to save up to buy something nice for themselves.

We have thoughtful Christmas gifts for moms who treasure keepsakes: our Fortune Frame. It is literally a small frame for a fortune that you can customize. The best part? It’s meaningful without taking much space at all. It features a three-use easel and can be displayed on her desk, wall, or fridge. 

Add a note such as one of the below...

  • “Family is a gift that lasts forever.”
  • “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessings.”
  • “Your loving spirit helped me find my own.”
  • "Memories made together last a lifetime.”
  • “Nothing is really lost until your mom can’t find it.”

For some Christmas cheer, you can always go with “Happy Holidays!”


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