Fortune Cookies on a plate and someone is placing down a Fortune Cookie Locket next to them. Behind the table tis a Christmas tree and the table has a mug and fortune Frame that reads Tips & Guides

Holiday Gifting Trends We Love for 2022

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Fortune Cookies on a plate and someone is placing down a Fortune Cookie Locket next to them. Behind the table tis a Christmas tree and the table has a mug and fortune Frame that reads

The summer is coming to a close, vacations are over, and now we are on to the next. Although it may seem like the holidays are ages away, they’re actually right around the corner. Before you know it,  you’ll be decorating your house, wondering where all the time went. 

Take advantage of knowing the holiday trends before there's a rush to shop. You can prepare your gifts now and not worry about trying to get everything done the night before the holiday. Stay ahead of the holidays - you won’t have to worry about rush shipping and fighting for parking spots at the store! 

Ready to get your shopping on? Let’s get in the holiday spirit and talk about all our favorite holiday gifting trends for this year’s season.

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Thoughtfulness Really Will Count 


Find a thoughtful symbol piece to gift this year. Pictured Burgundy Secret Diary Book Locket

Don’t get caught up in the things that don’t count. Sometimes we fall for two false mentalities. The first is, that if a gift isn’t expensive, it’s not a good gift. The second is that bigger gifts are better than smaller gifts. What counts is thoughtfulness. 

Thoughtfulness is the factor that matters most when it comes to gifts. The receiver, no matter who it is, wants to know that you put thought into it. You didn’t just buy the biggest gift you could find or the most expensive. It isn’t just something that will sit on their shelves and never be used. You put thought into what they like, what they mean to you, and what you’re relationship is with them. 

In a survey conducted by LendingTree, they found that most moms (78%) said they don’t expect anything flashy or high-dollar. What’s truly important to them is the thought. If you’re shopping for your mom, this could be anything from a nice plant to a meaningful locket. It could also be something that you don’t even need to shop for - such as quality time. 

Bringing thoughtfulness to your holiday gift isn’t always easy, so it’s important to start thinking early. Try and assess who you are gifting to and what emotion you want to evoke. It is also important to know the receiver's love language. Check out our 5 Meaningful Gifts for Ever Love Language blog post for some inspiration!

Gift-Ready Packaging 


Spend less time worrying about wrapping and more time with your family this holiday season.

Gift-wrapping - either you love it or you hate it. Most likely, you appreciate a well-wrapped gift, but the process isn’t always the easiest. Especially when you have a lot to wrap. And it you’re like me, maybe you aren’t the best at wrapping gifts (it’s totally fine to admit it.) Gift-ready packaging is probably one of my favorite gifting trends of 2022. 

If you bought a gift that doesn’t come with gift-ready packaging, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. If you want to hop on the gift-ready packaging trend, you can buy this kind of gift packing. Etsy is a popular place to find customizable and unique gift-ready packing. 

On the other hand, some gifts do come with gift-ready packaging right off the bat. Our thoughtful jewelry comes gift-ready. You can even include a note, either handwritten by us or a blank card you can write on later. 

Gift-ready packaging takes away the stress of the holidays. Gone are the days of wrapping gifts until the wee hours of the morning. Spend the holidays with your family instead of at the kitchen table with tape and wrapping paper.



Personalized gifts are meaningful and unique to each person. Pictured Gold Fortune Cookie Locket (Medium)

Who doesn’t like a personalized gift? The best part about personalized gifts? There are so many ways to personalize them. You can add names, initials, dates, quotes – anything that fits the person you are gifting to. 

Giving a personalized gift is a great way to elevate your thoughtfulness. You can incorporate any meaningful moment, name, or saying into it. A customized gift is one that will be exciting for whoever is receiving it to open. No matter what it is, the personalization will make it unique and one of a kind.

Our personalized lockets do the trick. They are customizable and you can put in any quote, date, or meaningful saying in it. From our Fortune Cookie Lockets to Love Letter envelope Lockets, there are so many different ways to personalize your gift. 

I hope that personalized gifts move from the gifting trend to the gifting norm. There is nothing better than opening a gift that makes you feel special.



Our fortune-holding lockets allow you to switch your fortune to fit your current story. Pictured Deco Fortune Locket

There’s nothing better than a gift that can be used over and over again. And not only can it be reused, but it can also be used in many different ways. What good is a gift that you’re only going to make use of one time? 

Versatile gifts don’t have to be boring and impersonal. They can be full of meaning. If you want to mix two gifting trends together this holiday, you're in luck. You can give a versatile gift that can also be personalized. An embroidered make-up case, blanket, or picture frame are all versatile. They will be used and loved by whoever receives them. 

Our Fortune-Holding Lockets are versatile gifts. They come with fortunes that can be changed at any time. From a Christmas saying to a meaningful date, these lockets and their words change with you. You can honor both your journey and the holiday!

Gift Cards for the Win 

Gift cards guarantee your recipient will find the perfect gift for themselves!

There’s nothing wrong with a gift card. For some people, giving them the option to pick the gift they want is the most meaningful. Gift cards can be given in any amount (there sometimes is a minimum such as $25) and to almost any store. This works for that special someone no matter what they like or who they are. They’re guaranteed to find something that the gift card can buy. 

Gift Cards are also customizable. You can pick to have them sent in the mail or even over email. You canned them instantly, and if you pick the email option, you’ll never be late for a holiday. Sometimes, you can even pick the style of the gift card and add in a special message. 

We offer gift cards that range from $25 - $300 and can be e-mailed or sent through the mail. You’ll never not have an idea for a gift. Gift Cards are always on your side.

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