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28 Thoughtful Ways to Show Someone You Care

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Shown here: Our Sphere Secret Ring. The ring is next to a personalized fortune.

There are certain people in our lives who make the world a bit more tolerable. They may be the peanut butter to your jelly or the Sonny to your Cher. Especially through the past few months, the ones close to you may have been your shoulder to —virtually—lean on. Maybe it’s your parents, siblings, friends, or your partner—who gets you through when the going gets rough.


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Although your love for these people may be boundless, it can sometimes be hard to express how much they mean to you. Plenty of movies and TV shows have spent huge amounts of airtime focused on what happens when someone doesn’t successfully communicate their feelings. So how do you show someone how much you care? 

The answer? In a million little ways.

There isn’t one singular grand gesture that will ever be able to encompass everything you want to say. That being said, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you show that special person—or people—in your life that you care about them, and are there for them just as much as they are there for you.

Can’t Say It? Write It Down


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    Words put to paper can be an effective way to tell your friends you care. It can become a keepsake they will cherish forever. Whether you write a song, poem, or letter, writing something down immortalizes it. Taking the time and effort to put pen to paper translates in a way that a text never could. 

    In college, I was a part of an all female a cappella group called The Sirens. When the coronavirus hit, my senior year ended prematurely. While at home, I was surprised by letters from my fellow Sirens telling me their favorite memories of us and wishing me well on my journey forward. Each time I received a letter my day became a little brighter. In the words of one of our favorite songs, I know I’ll have them in my life “always forever”.

    Another way you can give your friends a reminder of how much you care is by writing a personalized note.It’ll be like they are receiving a golden letter in the mail from you each time they open it.

    Always Just a Phone Call Away


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      Living away from our loved ones can make it easy to feel disconnected from them. However, we are lucky to have technology on our side. The occasional surprise phone call or FaceTime reminds people that they are on your mind. Not only is the phone call in itself a gesture, but you also get to catch up with someone and delve into what's going on in each other's lives. Hearing someone’s voice can be cathartic, especially if you haven’t talked in awhile. A simple catch up session can easily turn into hours of laughter and stories to cherish.

      Our Turning Corners Fortune Locket is a jewelry piece from our personalized locket collection. It's a symbol of how through everything, your loved ones continue to be there for you, whether in person or virtually.

      Surprise Them With Small Gifts


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      After a long day (or few months), nothing is more appreciated than a surprise package of your favorite things. If your best friend is a chocolate fiend, show her you care with a load of Snickers, Reese’s, brownie mix, and any other chocolate snacks she may love. 

      Your dad had a rough week at work? Get him his favorite six-pack of beer. (My dad is partial to Blue Moon—he even named his band in college after it). Your pregnant wife is crampy and tired? Buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers or get her jewelry to make her feel beautiful even on days where she feels down. Getting a random gift is one thing, but when you get a thoughtful gift, it proves how well you know your loved ones.

      Shower your girl with a combination of favorites with our Flowered Vines Fortune Locket. Jewelry, flowers, and a personalized message all in one makes for an extra special gift.

      Lend a Helping Hand


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      One of the best ways to show your significant other that you care is by taking some work off their shoulders. If your wife or girlfriend usually cooks dinner, maybe take it upon yourself to do the cooking one night. Make a meal worthy of Emeril and “Bam” you will definitely get at least a smile. Doing your significant other’s laundry is another great way to show you care. Just make sure you know what clothing is dryer-approved first! Something that seems so simple means the world, and will remind her or him how much you love them.

      Classic gestures such as lending a helping hand will never go out of style, and neither will classic pieces of jewelry like the Classic Fortune Locket. Remind your girl that she is a staple in your life with a necklace that can be the staple piece of any outfit.

      Quality Time Creates Quality Memories


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      There are five love languages and everyone relates strongly to one of them; my favorite is quality time. Acts of service and receiving gifts are also great, hence why they are mentioned above, but there is something endearing about spending time with your partner. 

      There’s a saying, “It’s not about having time, it’s about making time.” We all know life can get insanely busy, that’s unavoidable. When, despite all the craziness, someone sets aside even just an hour or two it means so much. Making time for people you care about, demonstrates that no matter what is happening in your life they are always a priority. And you will be able to create memories to last a lifetime. Use the time you have set aside to go on adventures or do fun activities. Quality time doesn’t have to be a long time together, but it has to be meaningful. When it comes to quality time, creating memories with a little effort can go a long way. 

      Some high schools have time capsules buried for each class to remember the good old days. But what if you  want a time capsule once we are living our adult lives? Our Capsule + Wand Bracelet is a wearable time machine to keep memories with loved ones close at hand.

      Perfect the Art of Listening


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      Listening is so much more than just letting someone talk without interruption. A true listener is somebody who engages and actively shows that they are hearing what the other is saying. It shows you care when you are able to give advice, consolation, or whatever is needed after a long rant.

      Think of how many times your mom has listened to your problems, and imagine how much it would mean if you listened to her  hardships for once. Show your mom you care by asking her to tell you about what is going on in her life or how her day was. Want bonus points? Bring up something she said days before to prove how well you were listening.

      So many great stories can come out of actively listening whether they stay between you and your loved one or not. Inside jokes, silly secrets, and private moments can all be kept curled up in our Sphere Secret Ring.

      Simple ways to show loved ones you care

      • Take a mental health day together doing something relaxing that you both love: bake cookies, read a book together, go for a walk and enjoy nature.
      • If you know a family member is having a bad day at work, you can offer to pick them up. Or text them during their shift so they know you're thinking about them.
      • Tell a story or ask them to tell one of their favorites.
      • Make an effort to get to know older family members by asking questions about their life. Getting to know someone on a deeper level will improve your relationships and bring you closer together.
      • If your loved one is a parent, offer to look after the children, so they can take a break.

      Showing your best friend you care

      • Affirm your relationship with them by planning your dreams together and setting future goals.
      • If you're with a life-long friend, you can reminisce about the past, like memories from high school.
      • Invite them over for dinner.
      • Spend the afternoon making DIY friendship bracelets.
      • Sometimes best friends are busy and it's too easy to let life pass us by. Make a plan to see each other once a week and stick to it. Remember the actions of actually seeing each other is more powerful than the promise.

      Ideas to show your partner that you care

      • Cook their favorite food and watch their favorite movie together.
      • Create a mixtape filled with their favorite songs.
      • Emotionally invest in their life goals by hearing all about them, then ask how you can help them toward achieving them.
      • Although you might live together, a card expressing your gratitude for  your partner can be an unexpected, but sweet, gesture.
      • When you've lived with your partner for a while, you get a sense of the little things that make them really happy and sometimes the little things make the biggest difference.
      • Text them cute notes throughout the day so they know you're thinking about them.
      • Improve your relationship by taking the 5 Love Languages Couples Quiz. If you can discover how your person loves to send and receive love, you can show them how much you care every day.

      How to show someone you care from a distance

      • Read the same book together and check in with each other to discuss it.
      • Write a heartfelt letter to them.
      • Check-in with a text or email and ask how they are and how they need you.
      • Use social media to show you care about your partner or friend. A post is a public display of your affection, thanks, or gratitude for them.
      • Send a care package filled with some of their favorite, most comforting items: new socks, some chocolate, and a cute note.
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