Evil Eye gift sets stacked on top of each other with a plant. Tips & Guides

How to Style the Evil Eye Gift Set

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Evil Eye gift sets stacked on top of each other with a plant.

Three is a magic number. Greek philosophers believed things that came in threes brought wisdom and understanding – our Evil Eye Gift Set is no exception to that rule. Combine this rule of threes with the evil eye symbol to form the perfect gift set that creates a newfound sense of peace, protection and harmony.

What’s in the Evil Eye Gift Set?

Our Evil Eye Gift Set features our signature evil eye styles, each adorned with eyelashes for an extra dose of drama. The set contains a matching pendant necklace hung on an adjustable gold chain, an adjustable cuff bracelet and a signet-style ring available in two adjustable sizes (5/6 and 7/8). 

Gold jewelry can act as a bold statement piece or subtle accent. Choose from one of five eye-catching (see what we did there?) color combinations, each of which represents a different virtue. 


The Clarity Evil Eye Gift Set is the perfect gift for that person in your life who might be needing to see things a bit more clearly (or yourself).

Why wear the Evil Eye? 

The evil eye is believed to protect you from harm and ward off bad luck from evil spirits. 

Wearing evil eye jewelry at all times is thought to defend you from negativity and preserve your peace. Whether or not you believe the folklore, the evil eye has been recognized as a symbol of protection throughout various fashion, art and design settings. 


Don’t dull your shine, protect your bright energy with a Vibrance Evil Eye Gift Set.

The Evil Eye Gift Set comes in five color options, each with its own meaning.

Tap into your Intuition: The answers you seek are already within you. Let the evil eye help you listen to what's in your heart (it always shows you the way.) 

  • Pairs well with: the Heart + Arrow Locket, as a golden reminder to always trust your heart. 
For the person in-need of a Confidence boost: Why stand in the shadows when you were born to shine? Let this gold-dipped piece be the perfect pick-me-up to get you back to feeling good. 
    For those who crave a sense of Clarity: Your path is already in place. But with an extra set of eyes guiding your way, you’ll soon find yourself back on track.
      • Pairs well with: the Key String Bracelet in onyx to bring out the contrast of the black on gold.

      For the person with an especially Vibrant personality: With accessories and colors just as bold as you are, no one could dare dull your sparkle. 

      If you’re in search of some Wisdom: Allow the magic of the Evil Eye evil to protect you from the bad so you can focus on the good and find your way.

        Layering your Evil Eye Jewelry

        These bold pieces can be worn on their own or stacked with other staples for a golden glow. Double your luck by wearing both the ring and the necklace, or sport the whole set and unleash the magic of threes. 

        Pair the Evil Eye with more simple yet elegant Fortune and Frame favorites like our Key of F Necklace or Engraved Bar Pendant. If you want to layer necklaces with different lengths, try the Mini Fortune Cookie Necklace for a shorter chain or the Fortune Pendant for a longer one. 


        Layering your Wisdom Evil Eye Necklace with two other dainty pieces is the key to following the rule of three.


        Complement the set with one of our Deco Fortune Lockets in Pearl, Onyx, or Multi-colored for an extra pop of spring shades. With a 30” chain, these lockets gracefully give the Evil Eye necklace the attention it deserves. Customize the locket by selecting specific fortunes or write your own message to create a customized gift for any occasion. 

        Pair your Evil Eye bracelet with dainty pieces like the Wishbone String Bracelet or Engraved Fortune Bracelet. To add earrings to the ensemble, we recommend Super Mini Fortune Cookie Studs

        Your hands do everything for you. Stack your rings with additional symbols to add some extra luck into your day-to-day tasks. For example, try pairing your evil eye with a Deco Heart Signet Ring. Available in color combinations like Ivory & Turquoise or Onyx & Pink, these rings help you see the love in every activity.

        Whether you’re starting a new job or a whole new chapter in life, having some extra eyes will help clear the path. Send those you love off on their way with a little extra piece of protection - or have a little extra security with you at all time. As a thoughtful gift for anyone on the verge of a new beginning, allow the magic of the evil eye to help guide the way. 

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