A blog post about meaningful song lyrics about life that you can wear in Fortune & Frame's lockets. Tips & Guides

10 Meaningful Song Lyrics about Life that I Play (and Wear) on Repeat

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A blog post about meaningful song lyrics about life that you can wear in Fortune & Frame's lockets.

Right around the time that Ed Sheeran released his album, Divide, my grandmother had unfortunately passed away. I remember driving to my high school graduation with my mom, only a few days after we lost my grandmother. I had Ed Sheeran on blast and his song Supermarket Flowers came on. It told the story of Sheeran’s mother losing her mother and her grief after the loss. One lyric in particular stood out to my mom and me: “A life with love is a life that’s been lived.” This describes my grandmother's life perfectly. 

My mom and I printed this deep lyric about life on everything, from picture frames to mugs, for years to come. It was the perfect way for us to keep her memory alive. Lyrics and songs can hold so much meaning. The wonderful thing about the art of music is that it is up for interpretation. Meaningful lyrics from songs have the ability to change our mood, motivate us and even remind us of those we love most.

Here’s my own personal mixtape of 10 other song lyrics about life that have resonated with me in recent years and why I’ve transformed them into messages I can wear on repeat in my lockets, depending on what’s going on in a given day.


Ever Since New York, Harry Styles

I have learned so much throughout my 22 years on earth. One lesson that has always stuck with me is that once you speak your mind, you can’t take it back. Unfortunately, life isn’t like the internet; you can’t delete your comment or photoshop your actions. Whether you’re arguing with a loved one or sharing secrets with a friend, your words are a permanent part of your record. This meaningful song lyric is a constant reminder to be conscious of how I express myself, especially in vulnerable or high intensity moments—not only because what I say could paint me in a bad light, but because it has the power to influence others’ emotions in ways that aren’t always proactive. There’s no “undo” option for that.


PhotoRight Where You Should Be, Quinn XCII, Ashe, Louis Futon

In moments when I’m overwhelmed or generally frustrated with whatever’s happening in my life, I try to remember that there’s a reason I’ve been faced with a given challenge. I know the light at the end of the tunnel will ultimately reveal itself and the challenges I’ve been dealt will make sense to me in some future moment. Until then, I constantly reprimand myself for even the smallest mistakes and worry that they’ll follow me around forever. You could say I’m a fearful college student, worried that I am not doing the right thing to set myself up for success in the future.

In those moments, this song lyric reminds me that where I am in life is perfect, and that my past doesn’t define my future. I do.


Moral of the Story, Ashe

Okay, one more meaningful song lyric about life—and more specifically—mistakes. (As I write this, I’m becoming aware of how much my focus on my mistakes dictates my life.) From dating the wrong person to having a falling out with a family member and every little white lie in between. I innately know that these mistakes don’t define my worth. In fact, we are all just imperfect humans misstepping our way through life, trying to stay on the right path. Needless to say, I play this lyric in my head on repeat, wear it in my locket, and know that soon enough it will become fully integrated into a more evolved philosophy on mistakes.



I often find my greatest happiness in the company of those I love. There have been times where I unintentionally overlooked the people who bring me joy and add light to my life, and took them for granted. This lyric is a reminder that happiness is not easy to come by. When we find it, honor it, be grateful for it, and don’t let it go. And most importantly: prioritize the people who add it to your life.


I LOVE this one! There is so much pressure on us to be in relationships and find our life partner so young. For me, I have felt this weight from a young age.

My parents have been together since they were 15. They’ve had a fairytale relationship for over 30 some years; the perfect family, the house with the white picket fence, and still experience the same excited butterflies when they see each other like they did in their teenage years. Though I was never pressured by others, I put this on myself. I grew up believing that this was the norm: you had to find the love of your life at 13 or you weren’t getting married. 

As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that we all need to live for ourselves and create our own stories. I have my own goals and priorities. The relationship we have with ourselves is most important. No one knows you better than you, and what works for other people doesn’t always make sense for you. 

I played this song for a best friend after her boyfriend broke up with her. She felt shame for being single or like she’d done something wrong. This quote helped me remind her that she needs to complete herself, rather than look to a man as a piece that completes her story. We must be able to thrive on our own before we can thrive together.



Current Location, LANY

I’m in a long-distance relationship right now. Telling you that it’s the worst would be an understatement. All I want is to be with my boyfriend right now. When I hear this lyric, I feel like the writer either wrote it specifically for me or is going through exactly the same feeling that I am. I can relate to it. And it also gives me a cheesy message to send him when I’m missing him a little extra. It’s the perfect way for me to say, ‘I miss you.’ I would love to receive a quote like this from him in a Fortune & Frame locket to remind me that I’m on his mind, but for now, I’m happy to create it myself and wear it as a reminder of how I feel.


There is nothing sweeter than bringing a little sunshine to someone’s cloudy day. Imagine finding someone who just reminds you of warmth in the summer. I think this might be one of my favorite Shawn Mendes lyrics of all time. I have a few people who have definitely brightened up my life when I was feeling down, and this is the perfect way to say thank you—and a reminder to myself to be that person for others. 


When building relationships and forming bonds, I look for one thing in others: a safe place where I can be myself. I don’t want to be critiqued for silly little things that I do or criticized for the secrets I share. I need to be around people who love me for who I am, quirks, craziness and all! 

I believe this is something we all seek. The foundation of our relationships, whether romantic, friendships or family, should always be built on trust and full acceptance. This song lyric is a reminder that while there will always be people who judge me in this life, there are also those who accept me exactly as I am. And those are the people I gravitate toward.


Still Learning, Halsey

I’m definitely still learning to love myself. Living, growing and learning in a society where we are all under a microscope, it can be very hard to love yourself unconditionally. Especially when you’re comparing yourself to others, or worse, when people go out of their way to make you feel bad about yourself. To me, this lyric is a simple reminder that I’m still a work in progress. I’m still learning right from wrong, up from down and which side of life I’m meant to be on. Loving yourself might be a life-long journey, but we grow stronger in self-love with each day.



 Fine Line, Harry Styles

I find myself worrying on the daily about the smallest inconveniences or things that could potentially go wrong. I need a constant reminder that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes that is just me taking a few deep breaths and letting all the pieces fall into place the way they are meant to. Other times, it’s listening to this song and getting comfort from hearing someone else tell me that it is all going to be ok. I personally like this lyric because it’s short, yet so powerful  and can apply to anyone. These three words can bring calm amid uncertainty and are my go-to when someone I care about is in an upsetting situation.

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Allie Berloco

Allie Berloco is a writer for Fortune & Frame. She graduated from Marist University with a double major in Media Studies, TV & Film Production and Communications, Journalism. She's sown here in her official Harry Styles fangirl outfit after seeing him perform live on the Today Show in NYC.

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