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The Eras Tour (F&F's Version)

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Several lockets with fortunes on a white background. Some boxes are spread around.

Taylor Swift is a talented American singer-songwriter who is currently on her Eras Tour. She’s performing a total of 44 songs from all 10 albums. In honor of Taylor Swift and her Eras Tour, we’ve selected a quote from a song out of each album to match up with our Fortune Lockets + Frames. We have a couple of Taylor Swift fans in the office who have helped in selecting some quotes and educating us in her music by playing their favorite songs. To all the Swifties: Let’s see if you can guess what songs each of the quotes came from.

The "Taylor Swift” Era

Taylor Swift’s very first album came out when she was only 16 and this quote comes from a song that made her first top 15 entry on the Billboard Hot 100. Taylor’s inspiration for this song was a classmate she had feelings for. Can you guess the song?


What better way to match Taylor Swift's first album than with our very first piece that started it all; the Fortune Frame. 

The "Fearless” Era

Taylor Swift decided what direction to take her second album after writing the song “Fearless.” It would be too easy to quote the song that the album was named after, so here’s a little hint: “Junior Jewels.”


The song that this quote derived from is just as popular as our Flowered Vines Fortune Locket.

The "Speak Now” Era

Taylor Swift wrote her third album, Speak Now, entirely by herself inspired by her transition into adulthood. The song chosen here describes an entire love story. Anything else said would give the whole song away, but we trust you already knew what the song was and even knew the melody.


Taylor Swift fans will know the words behind the lines of our Between the Lines Fortune Locket, but just in case, the full quote is "You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter.".

The "Red” Era

This album showed fans and the world that Taylor Swift could do more than just country pop. Our beautiful Envelope Fortune Locket holds a quote that might be harder than our previous ones. The only hint you’ll get for this one is that it was inspired from an old photograph of a couple named Ethel and Bobby when they were 17.


Just like a love letter you would keep, or maybe even an old photograph, our Envelope Fortune Locket will hold any precious message you want to cherish. 

The "1989” Era

Taylor Swift moved to New York (where we’re from) back in 2014. This song is a little bit of a freebie but way too good to pass up. Swifties: what’s the song?

PhotoHaving our vibrant Multi-Color Deco Fortune Locket on top of a newspaper dedicated to Fortune and Frame's startup seemed a little fitting for this quote.

The "Reputation” Era

Here at the office, we don’t look for drama, but just like a fortune cookie where we don’t know what the fortune will be - we wake up and don’t know what the day will bring. Sometimes, it just happens to be drama. So while we take a few minutes to talk about this day’s drama, we’ll leave you to guess this song. 


Try to stray away from drama with our very own Turning Corners Fortune Locket.

The "Lover” Era

Lover is Taylor Swift’s first album after departing from Big Machine Records. After secluding herself away from media attention after her previous album, Taylor took the media by storm with this new album. The only hint you’ll get here is that this was the second surprise song on the Eras Tour played by piano in East Rutherford. 


Paying another homage to our city starring one of my favorite lockets, the Honeycomb Fortune Locket.

The "Folklore” Era

Due to the pandemic, Taylor had to cancel her tour for her Lover album. But what she did end up doing was releasing a surprise album, Folklore. Taylor Swift let her imagination run wild in this album which she described as sad, beautiful, and tragic with a whole fictional story being written. Our hint for this quote is that it’s one of three narratives. We have James, Betty, and an unknown - so Swifties, what’s the title of this song?


Our Silver Cascading Fortune Locket brings a magical touch to Taylor Swift's Folklore album.

The "Evermore” Era

Another surprise album, Taylor Swift released this one less than five months after Folklore and just three days before her birthday. She likens this album to fall and winter in which we deal with all kinds of closures unlike her sister album Folklore which has a theme of resolutions. The song that this quote derived from is believed to have a nod to the song “Invisible String.” I’m sure you can guess what song this is.


Though there are endings to some love stories, we always come back better and stronger. Keep a reminder of your strength with our Classic Fortune Locket. 

The "Midnights” Era

Last but certainly not least, Taylor Swift came out with her Midnights album in 2022 inspired by her many sleepless nights. This album held so many good quotes that it was hard for me to just choose one. In the end I decided to go with one that is just as glamorous as our Pearl Deco Fortune Locket. Just make sure you’re back home when the clock strikes 12.


There's no better way to make a place summer than with our Pearl Deco Fortune Locket, This locket is sure to have all eyes on you.


 Taylor Swift has a lot of songs that resonate with different time periods of our lives. Songs that we have no shame in singing out loud with our friends or even by ourselves. If you’re as much of a Swiftie who’s been singing all her songs like my colleagues, then you definitely know what songs all of these quotes came from. Check out the song titles below and see how well you did!

Song Titles:

  1. Teardrops on My Guitar
  2. You Belong with Me
  3. Mine
  4. Starlight
  5. Welcome to New York
  6. End Game
  7. False God
  8. August
  9. Willow
  10. Bejeweled



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