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How to Create Capsule Jewelry Collections

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Have you looked through your jewelry collection lately? I mean really gone through it. Recently, I took some time to declutter and sort my own collection. As I combed through my jewelry boxes, I found them filled with a mix of meaningful jewelry gifts I’d received over the years, pieces I wear daily, and some I’ will never wear again. Despite all of that, I then realized that my jewelry collection was seriously lacking in a few departments. Not only that, it left me wondering: Does my collection truly match my style? What pieces should I have? What can I live without? Most importantly, how can I make my collection better? Enter the jewelry capsule: a collection of investment pieces for any and every occasion. Creating a capsule jewelry collection allowed me to finally hone in on my personal style and discover what makes it unique.  

If thoughts of your own jewelry collection bring up these same questions, this is your sign to finally create a capsule jewelry collection! In this article, we will be going through how to create a jewelry capsule that matches your own unique style. Trust me, it's easier than you think.

In this article:

What is a Capsule Jewelry Collection? 

Jewelry is personal. We all have a style and preference when it comes to the kind of jewelry we choose to wear. Capsule wardrobe jewelry collections are here to showcase a personalized selection of  timeless pieces you can wear in your everyday life.  While keeping up with all the jewelry trends is fun, the point of a capsule collection is to invest in jewelry that won't be going out of style any time soon. Just like with a capsule wardrobe, it should be filled with quality staple pieces like stud earrings, statement necklaces, and delicate rings, which are all a part of a well-rounded collection. A capsule collection will also help you refine your personal style.

How to Curate a Capsule Jewelry Collection 

You don't have to be a professional stylist to curate an amazing capsule collection for yourself. All that's required is a careful edit of your collection to select practical, timeless pieces. It’s important to remember that the curating process isn't about getting rid of everything and starting over. You're free to keep what you absolutely love, along with meaningful and trendy pieces. The goal is to tailor your jewelry capsule to your lifestyle and preferences with timeless go-to pieces you find joy in wearing. Figuring out what you really love to wear is the best way to start. Simply think about the type of jewelry you prefer to wear daily. What's your go-to? Is it a bracelet? A pair of earrings? Or maybe a pendant necklace? What's the style of that jewelry? Do you like to wear colored accent pieces? The answers will give you a clear idea of what you love to wear and need to have as you build your capsule collection. 

Capsule Jewelry Collection Inspiration

As you build your capsule collection, use style inspiration to your advantage and get a clear idea of what kind of collection will or won’t work for you. You may only want a certain kind of metal or you’re a huge fan of minimalism. Either way, in this section of our guide, we’ll be focusing on three different collection styles  and how to create each one.

Jewelry Collections by Skin Tone 

When looking to invest in new jewelry, most shop for pieces made in their favorite metal. But to truly accentuate your look, you should pick jewelry in metals that complement your skin tone.   

Some look amazing in gold jewelry, while others stun in silver or rose gold. This is all because of their skin tone. Once you know if your skin tone is Warm, Cool, or Neutral, you can then choose the best metals and gems to build a personalized capsule collection. 


Warm skin tones have undertones that lean towards yellow, peachy, or golden tones. You’re Warm if: 

  • your veins look green (in natural light)
  • you can tan easily 
  • you have naturally dark hair - brown or black 
  • you have yellow or golden-apricot undertones (find this out by holding a white paper against your skin)
  • you look better in off-white and creams than pure white 

The metals that happen to be the best compliment for warm skin tones are rose gold, yellow gold, brass, and copper. Your skin tone also looks great with earthy gems and stones in yellow, green, brown, turquoise, and orange. 


Cool tones have more hints of pink, red, and blue. You’re Cool if: 

  • you easily turn red and burn
  • your veins look blue/purple (under natural light)
  • your natural hair color is red, blonde, or strawberry blonde
  • you have blue undertones in your skin (find this out by holding a white paper against your skin)
  • you look your best in crisp pure white, rather than off-white and creams

The metals that will give your cool skin tone that wow factor are light and white metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold. You can pair your look with gemstones like aquamarine, emerald, amethyst, and turquoise. 


If you’ve checked off items from both lists, your skin tone is Neutral and has a mixture of both cool and warm tones. You’re lucky because this means you can wear anything and it will compliment your skin tone extremely well.

Matching Sets 

As you get a better idea of what you like and what you would like to wear. Matching sets are a must-have. These sets will make creating your capsule collection easier than ever. The concept started back in the 19th-century with European royalty being some of its biggest fans. Today, you can find them just about anywhere with some including necklaces, earrings, and rings with distinctly themed pieces. 


Minimalist Jewelry Collection 

A minimalist jewelry collection is all about embracing simplicity - nothing more, nothing less. It's the foundation of any collection, no matter the style, and will help you create a seamless capsule. You don't need to go overboard with trendy designs or multiple pieces. Keep things timeless and on a small scale for a dainty minimalist jewelry collection. 

How to Grow Your Jewelry Collection

Now that we’ve covered different kinds of jewelry inspiration, it’s time to finally get into how to grow your entire collection. The best way to do this is to draw from the inspiration above and grow your dream capsule collection with basic everyday essentials, along with special statement pieces. As always, if you keep things simple you can accessorize any look with ease. 

You also have the option to take this a step further by creating a capsule jewelry collection that isn't just about fashion. Every ring, necklace, and pair of earrings can tell a story. You may already own jewelry or heirloom pieces that bring up meaningful memories or achievements. That sentimental feeling you get as you fondly look at those pieces can still happen with the new jewelry you own. They just need to reflect who you are, and what you love. 

Remember, with jewelry it all comes down to the details. Make sure you absolutely adore the design and if it reminds you of a meaningful quote, moment or person in your life that’s even better..   

Add Jewelry Essentials

Adding in these jewelry essentials to your capsule collection is important for a reason. They’re those simple pieces you’ll find yourself reaching for and wearing daily. The jewelry I’ve listed out below are stylish alone or when mixed and matched with other pieces. 






Add Statement Pieces

Yes, you can easily get away with just the 5 essentials I outlined above, but if you're like me, I think you'll love the versatility these jewelry statement pieces will give to your wardrobe.





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