Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Years
The best inspiration for wedding anniversary celebrations can come from traditional gifts and the meaning behind them. Read on for our guide to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the years and how to add your own personal touch.
The Importance of Female Friendships
There’s nothing like the bond between a strong female friendship. Here, we talk about why having true companions makes life so much better and share a few uplifting quotes (along with fortune-holding jewelry to go with).
Poison Ring History: How Deadly Rings Became Fashion Jewelry Pieces
Poison ring history has a negative reputation for being dark and gloomy, but modern-day interpretations can be surprisingly powerful in a positive way.
Uplifting Quotes About New Beginnings
A new year brings new beginnings. Whether you’re working at a new job, moving into a new home, experiencing a new love, or thinking with a new mindset, we’ve got fresh start quotes to motivate you in 2021.
Small Ways to Practice Self-Care Daily
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The Most Romantic Sayings To Add To Your Anniversary Card in 2022
365 days have come and gone with your partner, how do you capture into words what this past year has meant to you? Express your thoughts with these romantic quote ideas to include in your anniversary card.
28 Thoughtful Ways to Show Someone You Care
You know that writing technique, “Show, don’t tell?” That applies to expressing care to the people you love, too. But how do you do so, exactly? Read on for a few ideas including acts of service and meaningful jewelry gift ideas.
56 Thoughtful Christmas Messages for Every Person In Your Life
No matter how you send out those Christmas cards this year, the messages inside should bring holiday joy and merry Christmas wishes to all who read them. To make the task easier, we’ve put together a guide on how to write thoughtful notes just in time for the holidays.
Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Mom
Looking for holiday gifts for the mom who doesn’t want anything? We’ve curated six thoughtful jewelry presents for every “type” of mom out there. The best part? You can customize any of the messages to go inside.
“Everything Always Works Itself Out”
Introducing What I Give, where we speak with Fortune & Frame customers on the “why” behind a jewelry gift they bought. First up is Elena Murzello, author of The Love List who finds the quote “Everything always works itself out” to be, surprisingly, true.
Zodiac Sign Quotes for Each Element
Have you ever felt connected to a part of nature and couldn’t really explain why? It’s possible that your zodiac sign can explain! Read on to find out which element you identify with best and the best mantras to keep close, based on your zodiac sign.
Gift Ideas for the Girl Who Has Everything
Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone and not sure where to start? Here, we’ve put together ideas on activities to experience together along with fortune-holding jewelry that serves as Christmas gifts for the girl who has everything.
51 Self Care Quotes and Tiny Reminders to Love Yourself
You know in theory that you need to take care of and love yourself, but in practice it can be harder than you'd think. These 51 self care quotes will inspire you to make me-time just as essential as your other obligations.
The Best Jewelry Gifts for Christmas
Why are jewelry for Christmas gifts such a fitting choice? Here, we highlight all the reasons and share selections on pieces—from our Fortune Cookie Locket to Heart + Arrow Bracelet, and more—for everyone on your list.
How to Find A Thoughtful 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Known as the “golden anniversary", the 50th year of marriage calls for a celebration and a gift for her to express your love and devotion. Read on for our guide on how to find a meaningful 50th wedding anniversary gift to toast this milestone moment.
5 Holiday Gifts for Every Woman In Your Life
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25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her and the Meaning Behind Them
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We’re turning the spotlight on some of our customer’s faith affirmations. Read on for words to help lift your spirits, boost your confidence, and calm your mind, no matter what chapter of life you’re in.
17 Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Her
Each year as your anniversary rolls around, the daunting task is always the gift. Of course there are always the classics: flowers, chocolate, cards and jewelry. But one thing to keep in mind is that the meaning behind the gift is more valuable and memorable than the gift itself. Read on for our full guide on some of the most creative gifts you can personalize to woo your wife all over again.
Gifts with an Inspirational Message That Will Cheer Her Up
Is someone you love going through a difficult time? Let her know how much you care by giving her a thoughtful gift with an inspirational message. Plus, read on for more ways to help brighten up her day.