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"You have always been so much more than a nagging wife..."
One of the most heartwarming Christmas stories we didn't even know we were a part of.
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Whether your bestie is someone you’ve known since childhood or someone you recently met, each friendship is worth celebrating. We’ve put together a guide to buying gifts for your girl best friend, so you can honor the person who keeps your secrets and lifts you up when you’re down.
How big is a fortune?
This is one of the first questions I asked the internet when I set out to create our original fortune lockets and frames.
"We Need to Talk"
Meet Julie Thomas. After years of teaching about emotional resilience, Julie shares discoveries that will change your life. Plus, her collection of highly personal, handmade fortunes.
My Story: "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but only one view."
People often share the stories behind the words they wear with us. Now we're bringing their intimate and inspirational stories to you in our new series: Why I Wear. Before we ask other people to share their stories, I'll share mine.
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“You attract what you're ready for.”
Fortunes have always spoken to me. The right message has always found me at exactly the right time. I began building my current collection during my divorce. 
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