30 Gratitude Quotes and Heartfelt Ways to Say “Thank You”
There’s an abundance of benefits to living with gratitude. So much so that we put together a guide dedicated to sharing tips and gratitude quotes to sincerely express thanks.
How to Buy Jewelry for Every Female Best Friend In Your Life
Whether your bestie is someone you’ve known since childhood or someone you recently met, each friendship is worth celebrating. We’ve put together a guide to buying gifts for your girl best friend, so you can honor the person who keeps your secrets and lifts you up when you’re down.
My Story: "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but only one view."
People often share the stories behind the words they wear with us. Now we're bringing their intimate and inspirational stories to you in our new series: Why I Wear. Before we ask other people to share their stories, I'll share mine.
17 Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Her
Each year as your anniversary rolls around, the daunting task is always the gift. Of course there are always the classics: flowers, chocolate, cards and jewelry. But one thing to keep in mind is that the meaning behind the gift is more valuable and memorable than the gift itself. Read on for our full guide on some of the most creative gifts you can personalize to woo your wife all over again.
Gifts with an Inspirational Message That Will Cheer Her Up
Is someone you love going through a difficult time? Let her know how much you care by giving her a thoughtful gift with an inspirational message. Plus, read on for more ways to help brighten up her day.
41 Short Love Quotes for Your Anniversary
If saying "I love you" has become commonplace in your relationship, your anniversary is the perfect time to step up your self-expression game. But where to even start? We've compiled a list of short love quotes to help you express yourself in new ways.
Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship and Tips to Keep the Love Alive
Gift-giving in a long-distance relationship can tell your loved one you miss them. Our guide is here to help you find a gift for her that holds a thoughtful message.
What is a Paper Anniversary? 5 Gifts to Say “I love you” and Keep the Tradition Alive
Known as the paper anniversary, the first wedding anniversary gift traditionally involves paper. Here are 5 ways to get the first anniversary gift right for your wife.
5 Meaningful Gifts and How to Pick the Right One for Her
Whether you're a natural gift giver or a gift-giving novice, here's how to show her just how much you care, no matter who the recipient or occasion.
How to Find A Thoughtful 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Known as the “golden anniversary", the 50th year of marriage calls for a celebration and a gift for her to express your love and devotion. Read on for our guide on how to find a meaningful 50th wedding anniversary gift to toast this milestone moment.
Beyond Zodiac Jewelry and Star Sign Necklaces: The Perfect Jewelry and Message for Your Sign
What does your zodiac sign reveal about the jewelry you should wear to express yourself? And perhaps more importantly: What does it say about the messages that keep you going?
"Get lost in the right direction." My Journey Back to NYC.
As many experience mixed emotions around heading back to school, Wendy Sy of Style Meets Story explores her feelings about heading back to NYC after nearly 6 months at her childhood home.
The Most Thoughtful and Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her
We're sharing some of the most thoughtful and creative 30th birthday gift ideas we've seen people create by pairing a personalized message with inspirational jewelry.
It's Time We Become Better
With these tragedies has come an undeniable call to action: It's time we change humanity's narrative once and for all. 
5 Quotes Getting Me Through Quarantine 
While there’s a lot of positivity in the trending idea that we’re all “alone, together,” I can't help but feel isolated. 
Help F&F Donate Face Masks to Hospital Workers!
Fortune & Frame has committed to buying 1,000 masks to donate to hospital workers, but with your help, we know we can donate even more. 
Here's How the F&F Team is Social Distancing
We're all working from home as the coronavirus spreads throughout New York City. Here's what everyone's up to in their new socially-distant normals.
"If you don't have the will, I will find a way."
We love receiving notes from customers sharing what their messages mean to them. Here's one we received right after the New Year.
70th Year Anniversary Ideas: Unique Platinum Jewelry
The “platinum anniversary” celebrates 70 years of marriage. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, a couple reaching this milestone has most likely been through it all. Read on for our guide on how to pick a personal gift for your 70th wedding anniversary, featuring our favorite platinum-plated pieces.
"Analyze Only When Necessary"
We have a theory that everyone in the world is holding onto—or has held onto—a fortune. Okay, maybe not everyone. And maybe not the whole world. But a lot of people. 
How to Dress Up (or Down) Gingham with Jewelry
F&F style writer Hayley Lind set out to explore how pairing different jewelry styles with a single gingham dress could extend its versatility.